How much do you love when you see someone you have not seen in awhile and they say, “You haven’t aged a day,”?  Then there is the moment when someone says, “Isn’t aging the worst?”  What does that even mean?  While, of course, we are all going to notice the effects of age at some point in our life, the question we need to ask is how can we keep aging to a minimum.  Many of the changes we see in our skin and body are due to hormonal changes.  As if going through menopause is not unpleasant enough.  I’m still trying to figure out if there is any way I can skip right over this.  So here are the ins and outs on what you need to do to slow the signs of aging.

Updating your daily skincare regimen is first on the list.  Your cleanser should be a creamy texture, adding  moisture back into your skin whenever possible.  Shiseido’s Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam is one of my favorites because even though it is considered creamy it still gives you that foaming lather, which always makes my face feel clean.

Next up is to add a serum under your daily face cream.  This is vital so make sure not to skip this step.  Serums penetrate the skin at a deeper level and can elevate hydration and aid in stopping the aging process (and even reverse it).  For my recommendation, I’m going with my first love on this one.  The first cosmetic counter I managed was a Clarin’s cosmetic counter.  This is where my love for skincare reached a whole new level.  One of my ultimate favorites is Clarins Double Serum.  This serum is plant based {which I’m obsessed with} and has specific ingredients that target all 5 functions of the skin.  The ingredients are so magical they come out of two separate chambers and mix together for the first time when they land on your skin.  The results are instantaneous.

If you are not doing so already, start using a sunscreen daily in your beauty regimen.  Environmental aggressors along with the sun can increase the aging process without the proper protection.  La Mer’s Broad Spectum SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid feels like air when you put it on.  Nothing is worse than a chalky or sticky sunscreen.  This one does the job and leaves no sign of its existence.  If La Mer doesn’t fit your budget, my alternate choice would be Clarin’s Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50.  It has just as lovely as a texture and is half the cost.


Updating your makeup wardrobe is next up, starting with your foundation.  As we age, our skin texture changes, becoming less supple and plump.  To ensure the most even finish and luminous look, choose a foundation with anti-aging and moisturizing benefits.  My first pick is Chanel’s Vitalumiere.  This foundation is creamy yet luxuriously light weight making your skin look flawless without looking overly made over.  My alternate choice if you on a budget is It’s Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+.  This product is amazing for the price.  Not only does it make your skin radiant, it works to correct fine lines and wrinkles, while protecting it at the same time.  With this foundation, you will not need to add sunscreen on your face, just don’t forget to apply some sunscreen on your neck and chest area.

Chances are that if you are beginning to see signs of aging,  you may see some fine lines around your eye and increased puffiness under the eye. I do double duty with my eye creams and use one in the morning and another at night.  I know, it’s a little obsessive.  In the morning I use ReVive’s Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream.  This cream hydrates and absorbs quickly, perfect for a quick morning routine.  As for night, I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye. It has hydrating botanical ingredients that include lavender {one of my faves}.  It also has been proved to decrease puffiness.


While we are talking about eyes, let’s talk about eye shadow.  Although, a girl can love all things that glitter, over 50 it’s probably best to veer away from it for your face and stick to a more neutral look.  And no this doesn’t mean you have to get something boring or blah.  Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Nudes Eye Palette is perfect to achieve this look.  It comes with mattes and metallics that all perfectly complement each other and will create a sophisticated look for any skin type.

Last on the list is lips.  Lips are so easy to forget about.  No one wants dry, wrinkled lips and a basic gloss is not going to do it.  For day treatments, my favorites are Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, as it comes in a variety of colors and hydrates at the same time.  I also love Clarin’s Instant Light Lip Oil.  It is a hydrating gloss that also plumps.  I know, pretty amazing.  In the evening I recommend Clinique’s All About Lips.  It works to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

Now you are prepped for the essentials to stay radiant and younthful-looking as you climb the ladder of life.  No one has to know it but you.



The Scoop on Turning 50 is Brought to You by Charlotte Radiology Breast Centers

Charlotte Radiology is one of the nation’s largest radiology practices and has been serving the greater Charlotte area for nearly 50 years. The professionals at Charlotte Radiology believe the key to beating and detecting breast cancer early is quality mammograms starting at age 40 and continuing annually in to your 50s and beyond.

The two biggest risk factors for getting breast cancer are being a woman and getting older. In fact, the cancer incidence rate increases with age, making annual mammography even more important to women ages 50+. Of the breast cancers detected using mammography, over 28 percent were found in women between ages 40-49.

The bottom line is that early detection is the key to beating breast cancer. Annual screening results in lower call-back rates than does biennial screening and finds cancer at the earliest stage – providing a more favorable prognosis.