South Charlotte barre classes are all the rage these days, and as with any exercise that suddenly becomes popular, I know you’ve asked yourself these questions: Does it actually work? How do I know it isn’t just a fad?

While barre has been around for decades, we are all just starting to see what’s so great about this exercise. It’s more than just a fad workout—it is effective and efficient with real results.

Here’s the scoop on South Charlotte barre classes, and why you have to try them out.

What is Barre?

Maybe you’ve never even heard of barre. If so, the quick explanation is that it combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet in one fun workout. It gets its name from the ballet barre that you use during class for different movements, sometimes pushing against it, sometimes using it to balance.

A Well-Rounded Workout

Women are raving about this regimen because it gives you that lean, gorgeous dancer body without the injury or damage that dancers often face.

See results quickly as it works your whole body at once. Combining cardio and strength training makes barre a well-rounded exercise. The strength training makes it a great fat-burner while the cardio gets your heart rate up to burn even more calories. If you are limited in the number of days you can get to the gym, this is a smart option.

Other Benefits

Besides some major calorie burning, barre offers plenty of benefits, including:
• Improved posture
• Weight loss
• Increased flexibility
• Improved muscle definition
• Reduced stress

What to Expect

Expect a class filled with high rep, low weight or bodyweight exercises that strengthen and tone your body using moves inspired from ballet, Pilates, and yoga.

Scoop Tip: When choosing your outfit, opt for fitted clothing. Spandex and yoga pants are a girl’s best friend in barre because loose, ill-fitting clothing can get in the way of movement. As for shoes, most classes are taught barefoot or in socks.

Find the South Charlotte Barre Fitness Studio for You

As I said before, barre has become super popular in South Charlotte and surrounding areas, and the community is continuing to grow. The South Park and Lake Norman areas are full of class options, so you’re sure to find the best fitness studio for you.

Try it out for yourself to see how barre works for you and your body. To learn more about South Charlotte barre classes, check out Scoop’s list of studios and your guide to the studios in the area.