You’ve seen all those TV ads for absorbent lady pants, and if you are under 60 or have never given birth, you might wonder who on earth are all these poor panty-wetting women? How can that even be?

Oh it’s real alright. Incontinence is one of the top complaints of women of a “certain” age as well as any woman who’s had a baby or two or four. And while it isn’t something that happens to you right at 50 or anything ~ again unless you’ve given birth in which case age is not the issue ~ it is something that creeps up on many women as they age.

It’s called “stress incontinence” and it’s caused by conditions that stretch or weaken the pelvic floor muscles such as childbirth, weight gain, age. When your pelvic floor muscles can’t support your bladder well, the bladder drops down and you can’t tighten the muscles that usually close off the urethra. So urine may leak when you cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, or do other activities. Like hiccup. 

Yes you can Kegel like crazy. But in many cases, even non-stop kegeling is not enough. And yes, great advances have been made in protective undergarments so you can take a Zumba class or play doubles without fear. But for many, the inconvenience just is not worth it.

Enter the new feminine health lasers, such as FEMTOUCH™. While there may be several potential benefits to your nether-region via treatment with this CO2 laser, (which has been used for years as a facial resurfacing device) addressing incontinence is the one that Dr. Gilly Munavalli at Dermatology Laser & Vein Specialists of the Carolinas feels is the most impressive and impactful.

The concept of FEMTOUCH™ and other feminine laser treatments is similar to that of facial laser procedures – gentle rejuvenation and restoration of tissue. Your body responds to the treatment with increased blood flow and the formation of newer, healthier tissue in the pelvic area, strengthening your ability to support the bladder and prevent leaks. Anyone with mild or moderate leaking could be a candidate, and you can schedule a consult with the doctor to discuss your personal situation. Read more on the DLVSC webpage here.

The treatment itself is quick – 7-10 minutes in the DLVSC offices – and requires no numbing or anesthesia. Recovery time is also minimal, as are reported side effects. Most women need 2 to 4 treatments performed with 4 to 6 weeks between each session. The cost of the program will be (each case is totally different, this is just a ballpark for your info) in the range of $3-4,000. 

If you think you could benefit from the FEMTOUCH™ then don’t delay,. Schedule your consult with Dr. Munavalli or Dr. Kosari now and don’t forget to tell him scoop sent you 🙂



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The two biggest risk factors for getting breast cancer are being a woman and getting older. In fact, the cancer incidence rate increases with age, making annual mammography even more important to women ages 50+. Of the breast cancers detected using mammography, over 28 percent were found in women between ages 40-49.

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