Priorities are hard y’all. There are only so many hours in the day and our to-do lists are loooong. Fitting in a daily dose of exercise may seem like a pain, but it’s crucial to your health and well-being, both physical and emotional, both for now and for later. So if you’re trying to stay in shape but can’t always make it to your favorite studio for class, Hilliard Studio Method now has you completely covered.

On Tuesday, Hilliard Studio Method added a brand new Live Class Streaming option to their video platform. In addition to their 750+ minutes of existing video, subscribers now have access to HSM Live Classes filmed and released every week. The best part? You can do the HSM Live Class whenever it fits your schedule — you don’t need to tune in at a specific time. BUT it will be a real class, a live class, different every time and a lot like you’re in the studio.

“HSM is so much more than just a workout,” says Liz Hilliard, creator + owner of Hilliard Studio Method. “There is an intangible energy and sense of community within each class at the studio that translates through the HSM Live Classes. Clients at home will be taking class alongside in-studio clients, allowing participants anywhere in the world to experience this energy and intensity and feel like part of the powerful HSM community.”


Previous HSM Live Classes will also be archived so users can always find their favorites. Each class will feature trainers providing modifications for injury, pregnancy, etc., as well as advancements for any skill level.

Try HSM Workout videos FREE for the next two weeks!

To celebrate their Live Class Streaming launch, HSM is offering you the chance to try their most popular workouts at NO CHARGE for the next two weeks.

Workouts from Hilliard Studio Method’s video library range from beginner to advanced and from 10 minutes to an hour. Below are HSM’s top 5 most popular workout videos. They’re all under 30 minutes for the woman on-the-go, require minimal equipment, and can even be combined to create your personal perfect workout.

  1. Power 30
  2. On The Go
  3. Total Body Tone
  4. Power 30 II
  5. Beach Body

Just go HERE and Click ‘Start Free Trial’ to try their streaming subscription service free for two weeks.

Let us know how you like doing one of our favorite Charlotte fitness programs on your own time! If you want a bit more info about live streaming these classes, check out the HSM FAQ’s here.