Very few words are more horrible and frightening to hear than… “It’s Cancer“.

Pretty much all of us have or will hear them regarding a loved one or friend, or self, and they are absolutely devastating. It takes a lot of emotional and physical strength to fight this enemy, in a never give-up battle of will, hope, faith and determination. Whether you are fighting it for yourself or with a loved one, you will need a community of love and support on your side. And you will need to be able to say, loud and clear, SCREW YOU cancer…you may win the battle but you will not win the war.

This is exactly why the Isabella Santos Foundation created ‘Cancer Messed With‘.

Well, they may not raise their middle finger to cancer ~ them’s my fighting words ~ but the message is clear. Cancer Messed with The Wrong Person.

Cancer Messed With is an apparel brand that allows you to show support for your loved one, friend, teammate… anyone who is fighting cancer. Not only are you giving them the encouragement they need to fight this disease, but your purchase is also helping find a cure for pediatric cancer.

If you are a scoopcharlotte reader, you likely know the story of little Isabella and The Isabella Santos Foundation. Through Isabella’s fight and her parent’s persistent battle, Cancer Messed With became a slogan that resonated with people in their  community. In early 2017, The Isabella Santos Foundation was awarded a grant from a local angel investor to start the venture of creating the Cancer Messed With brand.  And this September 1st, to kick off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Cancer Messed With launched a line of shirts and accessories for Women, Men and Children available for purchase. So you can honor the fight on a personal and community level and financially support the cause, as the proceeds of your purchase go to pediatric cancer research through The Isabella Santos Foundation.

Once again, Charlotte makes us proud.

I wear a Green Cancer Messed With The Wrong Family tee in support of my sweet and sassy mom, who lost her battle with Stage 4 Bladder Cancer last year.

cancer messed with

I hope you’ll support this awesome community effort to fight the good fight. You can purchase your own shirt(s) here, and follow Cancer Messed With on Facebook and Instagram. We are all in this one together.

cancer messed with

Olsen Family photo | Michelle Cherikos, Angel Eye Portraits