What’s New at CLASSIC ATTIC in the PRSC Back Lot

First things first. It’s right next door to the new Amelie’s in the back lot of the Park Road Shopping Center. “PRSC” for those of us who write for a living but don’t actually like to write things out.

So yes, first coffee and pastry, then treasure hunting. [That new Amelie’s is the bomb-diggity in my book, but maybe that’s cause it is about 8 blocks from my house. #highwaytothedangerzone]

Classic Attic is a furniture and home furnishings consignment store that has been a many a Charlottean’s best kept secret for 16 years. It’s a big space filled to the brim with an ever-changing selection of items, mostly vintage and some antiques. Owner Ede Graves (pronounced EAD) is always on the hunt for pieces that are unusual and affordable; the store even keeps a wish list for specific items for its shoppers. 

Like most consignment shops, you must keep an open mind and be prepared to act fast. You can go with your list of things you need to finish decorating (are we ever finished decorating?), but be prepared to see something fab that is nowhere on your current docket. And you must buy it now, because if you don’t, it may well be gone when you return. Also, don’t bring your husband or anyone who finds this “carpe-shop’em” process disturbing. They will just kill the vibe with all their “wait, didn’t we come here for end tables? why are we buying a chandelier and two wing chairs?” silliness.

A lot of what you will find at Classic Attic will need some TLC and work to make it perfect for your home. Furniture painting is critical for those who cannot live with brown furniture. Re-upholstering as well. And don’t over look the idea of covering an entire piece in grasscloth, suede, leather, etc. Look beyond the surface to the lines of the item. Plus, look at that price, cause it’s probably awesome.

NOTE TO POTENTIAL SELLERS: Are you getting ready to move, redecorate or just clean out some rooms? Make some easy money with those things you no longer need. Review Classic Attic’s consignment agreement HERE or call Classic Attic (704) 521-3750 for more details.

Park Road Shopping Center’s Back Lot, 4301-C Park Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28209


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scoop team
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