Charlotte is awash in city love and pride, and our local artists and artisans think of new ways to celebrate our fair town everywhere we look. Brand CLT is BIG.

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Social media accounts are popping up daily to help chronicle what’s new and interesting around every corner. There are locally owned boutiques always on the lookout for fashion and items from CLT and NC makers, and locally owned online stores fully devoted to selling local pride.

Locally Made

If you are a true Charlottean, you surely own one of the famous “CLT” hats from The Pink Hanger or “704” t-shirts from the 704 Shop, and you have certainly gifted one or more “Neighborhood” candles from Ella B . Other shops such as 32 Flavors, CLT Find, and Moxie Mercantile have unique items that are locally made like jewelry, handbags and clothing.

The best way to support local is to shop local. You can use this post to take it one step further, and pick up a CLT made item in a CLT owned store ~ and really care for your neighbor.


The Pink Hanger 

Locally Made

Glory Days CLT Heart Tank $28 (also comes in a long sleeve style)

Locally Made

QC Embroidered Hat $32

Locally Made

Aviate Brand CLT Hats $38

Locally Made

Policy Handbags designed by local Jen Ugland: The Dillion $64, The Stunner $69, Be Clear Policy: Buff $79

Locally Made

Favorite Local Jewelry Designer Melvin’s Stack Bracelets range in price from $20-$28

Locally Made

Maya Cuff by local maker Mila Rose $79

KK Bloom

Girl Tribe CLT Hats $33


CLT Find for easy all local shopping in the 7th Street Market

Clt finds at CLT Find

limited edition lotion sticks by @purestellaskincare

Beautiful Idiot Clothing Kimono

Created Beautifully Handbag


Moxie Mercantile


32 Flavors

Gray Jewelry NC

Gray Jewelry NC

free to drift by local artist My Invisible Ink

704 Shop


Bedside Manor locally owned boutique and online store

Made by hand at a mill in Weaverville, NC, these reusable wool balls leave load after load of laundry feeling soft and fresh. Their absorbent, softening qualities last and  you can keep using them for years to come. Just toss them in the dryer like you would a disposable dryer sheet, but without any of the chemicals or waste. Each dryer ball will last for over 1,000 loads of laundry, and every dryer ball you add will shorten your drying process, saving you energy and time.

The Piper Collection is the work of Charlotte, NC mother/daughter design team, Cindy and Whitney Caudle. Their decorative pillows feature bold color combinations and graphic textures and bring a youthful sophistication to any home.

The Piper Collection pillows.

The Piper Collection pillows.

Handmade beaded jewelry from Charlotte designer, Jacob Foster Designs can be found at Bedside Manor

Jacob Foster Designs at Bedside Manor