This time last year, I just completed my second half marathon and had fallen woefully off the wagon in terms of training/running. I had put in my time and now was focused on my shiny new road bike instead of logging miles in my running shoes.

You can read about my past struggles “beating the bonk” and how music helps me stay motivated here:

Post Injection Ortho 5K

Ortho 5K

Now, I have a much different workout schedule and stopped being afraid of weight training thanks to an introduction to CrossFit. Have you ever heard the joke: “How can you tell if someone does Crossfit? – Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” I went a whole paragraph in a fitness article without mentioning it- HOORAY! In all seriousness, incorporating this workout into my routine (that also still includes running, biking, Pilates, and now yoga) has given me strength in ways I can actually measure and further confidence to keep trying new things in all areas of my life… not to mention it’s made me a stronger runner. It’s also given me some bada$$ tunes to jam to whether I’m in the gym, hitting the pavement, or just enjoying my drive to/from work. Crossfitters know how to put together a playlist.

With that inspiration and my running DNA leading the way, I’ve compiled a Summer ’17 version of last year’s OrthoCarolina 10k Training playlist here.

Enjoy and happy running!