Couch to 5K – Pretty much what it sounds like – take it from the couch to completing a 5k by devoting 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 9 weeks. This training program has helped thousands of beginning runners cross the finish line with the assistance of an interactive motivating coach and a tried and true program. 

Strava – Run (or cycle). Analyze. Share. Strava is the go-to for serious runners and those who want to connect with serious runners. It syncs with devices such as your phone, GPS watch, heart rate monitor and more, and records many metrics (including some you may not have thought of). Over analyzing? Go social and share and connect, so that you can connect with runners in the area, give kudos to others, and possibly plan a run for an upcoming date. Take that, Tinder! Free. 

Map My Run – See what you ran, or make plans for the pavement. Choose from already created routes, or simply create your own by taking your phone with you while you run. Other features include logging your food intake, sharing your workouts with friends and more. Available on iPhone and Android. Free. 

RunGo – Terrific for travelers, RunGo is another run tracker which aides users with voice navigation through unfamiliar areas. Free usage includes downloads of routes for offline use, or creation of your own within the app. Premium subscribers can get verified routes created by local runners through safe and scenic areas. 

Spotify – Over searching for tunes to take you through your training? You may want to look closer to an app that you could possibly already have. Though not marketed as a running app, the music app’s running feature uses your phone sensor to pick up your running tempo and matches it to your pace. Android, iOS; free with premium subscription. 


Happy Running Charlotte!




Kiran Dodeja Smith is a local mom of four who blogs at She can often be found cooking, running and exercising and occasionally even running from her kids.