Travel, particularly international travel,  is shown to increase intellectual capacity and emotional abilities in adults and children, and it has consistently shown to improve academic success for students. Here are just a few of benefits of summer vacation travel:

  • Increased Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Heightened Geographical Awareness
  • Increased Intelligence
  • Marked Increase in Curiosity
  • Heightened Interpersonal Awareness
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Becoming more open-minded

Traveling with children and traveling abroad is much easier said than done, though. The passports alone, amiright? {Pro tip: schedule your passport application or renewal appointment at the UNCC Student Union Center Post Office for the easiest & most pleasant experience in town. It makes passporting a breeze.}

If you need to stay right here in Charlotte this summer, but still want to give your kids a global experience, consider one of the summer camps at Providence Day School. Providence Day is Charlotte’s global school, and their summer camps are no exception. You can expose your kids to a variety of cultures without ever leaving the city limits through one or more of these fun and exciting summer opportunities:

world adventure camp

World Adventures! Tour
(June 19-23, June 26-30; rising grades TK-2)

Join PDS on a trip around the globe in 5 fun-filled days, with each week bringing different destinations.   Each day campers will explore a different country/continent learning rich culture through arts, language, traditions, music, movement, food and more.  Literature sets the stage while interactive learning centers and group activities bring the trip to life.  Other areas of focus for young travelers include a study of geography, architecture, history, celebrations, conservation, sports, and more.  Your child may even bring home a souvenir or two!    

June 19-23  (Brazil, India, Norway/Sweden/Denmark, Egypt, Antarctica)
June 26-30  (Singapore, Israel, Italy, Tanzania, Costa Rica)

This global camp for young children is a sampling of a Providence Day School model that achieved national recognition and publication in 2015 and is designed to prepare young minds to become strong global citizens.  This camp is developmentally appropriate and lots of fun for rising K, rising 1st, and rising 2nd grade students.      

world adventure camp


For children a little older, here are two favorites still with availability:

Capoeira Kids
(June 19-23; rising grades 1-3)

Capoeira is often seen as a dance that simulates a martial art, or a martial art that simulates a dance. Whatever the perception, there is no one definition of capoeira. The art form originates from Brazil and is practiced in over 160 countries world wide. Capoeira provides a holistic cultural learning experience for all ages by incorporating the Portuguese language in movements, songs, history, and dance. In capoeira, music sets the rhythm, the style of play, and the energy of the game. Practitioners also learn to sing (in Portuguese!) and play a variety of instruments.


Cooking with Senora Lalinde
(July 17-21; rising grades TK-5)

Learn how to cook the delicious flavors of Spanish countries. Campers will prepare and taste famous desserts, drinks, candy and much more. Learn how to make tortillas from scratch and prepare Enchiladas, Burritos, and Tacos. Also, how to make the best empanadas (turnovers) from Argentina and Chile, the delicious Tres Leches (three milks dessert from Central America), and Churros con chocolate from Spain.You do not have to know how to cook or speak Spanish. Parents are invited on the last day to enjoy a special dessert made by the students.


Here’s the schedule of all Providence Day School Summer Programs, where you and your children are sure to find fun & learning for Summer 2017.