Our Interior Designer Featured Project this month is by Lauren Nicole Designs, where owner Lauren Clement tackled a beautiful and architecturally detailed home for the proud parents of five young children, all of whom are home schooled. As you can imagine, functionality in the home is an absolute necessity for this family, as they live in every inch of their home each day. But they also love to entertain and often have large gatherings, some casual and some more upscale. So Lauren was faced with the challenge of creating a home that basically has it all — style, functionality, youth, beauty, timelessness, fun, comfort, versatility and the “wow” factor. All we can say is….WOW.

Lauren Nicole Designs


This home originally was built by a custom builder for himself, with features like a stunning two-story foyer with a cantilevered loungespace, tons of stained cherry wood, beams galore, and lofty ceilings.

Lauren Nicole Designs Lauren Nicole Designs


Lauren’s over-riding challenge was to figure out how to blend the client’s dramatic taste with the “harder” architectural elements in the home. She tackled this juxtaposition with the use of color, patterns, texture and significant scale to balance all of the darker wood detail.

Lauren Nicole Designs


“My clients love anything that is luxurious, so the use of embroidered fabrics, faux fur, animal hide, beautiful lighting, and metallics all helped to bring this home to life.”


Creating functional rooms for their children also was an exciting task. There are three bedrooms upstairs and five children, so the kids had to buddy up! Luckily these rooms are quite large, so accommodating two children per room was not going to be an issue. The two 5-year- old boys share one room, and both love trucks, trains, legos, and super heroes, so creating a happy room for them was so much fun and relatively easy. 


The two girls, ages 3 and 8, have a larger age gap than the boys, and their room is configured a little bit differently so this room took some extra thought and planning. Bunk beds were a great solution since their bedroom area is too small for two beds, but they also have a beautiful round sitting area that we turned into a cute dressing nook for them.

Both love pink and being girly-girls, so their styles at least were a complete match. And the relationship between big and little sister has only grown over time as they are sharing a room. The big sister is helping the little sister get dressed, learn to read, etc. “I have been lucky enough to overhear these sweet interactions and these girls just melt your heart.”


“Baby Nile came along just recently and his nursery was an absolute joy to create. Nile is as sweet as can be and looks so adorable in his navy nursery that’s fit for a Prince.”

I love every room in this home, but this nursery holds a special place in my heart. 
The gold angel wings above the crib were the main inspiration for this room, and then everything else fell into place with fun fabrics such as arrows, golden birds, a navy minky blanket and the navy and gold furniture is just to die for.


Sometimes people wonder why they should pay for an interior designer, and we at scoop hold up these design details, this attention to detail, as just one good reason to make the investment.


Lauren relates “I so enjoy the opportunity to work with a family on a large scale project such as this, not only for the opportunity to let my design talents soar, but for the relationships I form with the family and the true difference that I am able to make in how they live every day is the best feeling in the world.”

When we look at this house, we can see the truth in Lauren’s words, and what an amazing and beautiful home she’s created for this family to enjoy.

Learn more about the talented design team at Lauren Nicole on their website here or find them on Facebook or Instagram.