From the North to South, here’s a list of the Frozen Treats we’ll be eating this summer.

From classic cones to high-end tacos…

Charlotte has a lot to offer when it comes to frosty desserts.

Summer Goal: Work your way through the best frozen treats in and around the city. 

By the Lake

Davidson + Cornelius + Mooresville

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Carolina Cones

20801 North Main Street, Cornelius 

A sweet little ice cream shop with a nostalgic feel, complete with a signature model train chugging it’s way along the ceiling. They’ve been around for a good 30+ year’s, so they know a thing or two about ice cream. In addition to almost 50 ice cream and yogurt flavors, they have a popular plant nursery on the side, as well as a small playground and $1 toy machines.

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Whit’s Frozen Custard 

428 S. Main Street, Davidson

This custard counter is just as described, a counter. There isn’t much room to eat inside… but we promise you that it’s worth the visit. The only way we can describe frozen custard is that it’s simply extra creamy ice cream with TONS of flavor. If this will be your first time trying custard, we recommend keeping it simple and trying their Chocolate or Vanilla flavors. They have a rotating weekly special that’s usually on point as well.

Alino’s Pizza

500 South Main Street, Mooresville

Why are we headed to a pizzaria for frozen treats? One Word: Gelato. We’ve expressed our love for this establishment in the past (here), but today we are going to focus on their frozen Italian ice cream.  They offer a variety of flavors that change daily; as they make all of their Gelato’s in house with the freshest ingredients possible. Save room for dessert, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Mooresville Ice Cream Parlor

186 North Broad Street, Mooresville

This super friendly ice cream shop is located a little corner in downtown Mooresville; they’re known for their excellent customer service that’s just as good as their ice cream. We usually indulge in their banana split, but we must mention that their ice cream is just as good on it’s own as well.

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Jack the Dipper Ice Cream 

124-A Argus Lane, Mooresville

Warm waffle cones are made-to-order right in front of your very own eyes, nough’ said. In all seriousness, this is establishment should be a destination for all ice cream enthusiasts.  This cute little hidden-gem is located on the far west end of town (tucked away behind Harris Teeter). We really love the cinnamon waffle cone, which has just the right touch of cinnamon that will make you think “oh, that’s nice!”. Boom, you’re not addicted… you’re welcome.


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Golden Cow Creamery

170 West Summit Avenue, Charlotte

Two accountants started an ice cream shop and the rest is history. Get ready to spark those childhood memories with flavors like Dunk-a-Roo, Lucky Charms and my personal favorite, Salted Oreo.

Who remembers Ch0co Tacos? Yeah, they offer these too.

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Va Da Vie

4203 Park Road, Charlotte

If you’re in the mood for locally-made Gelato, this place has got you covered. Located right smack in the middle of the Park Road Shopping Center, this cute little establishment is hard to miss. Fun Fact: They only use local dairy for the milk and cream and churn their frozen delights daily. They do not use pre-made syrups bases or mixes; every flavor is made with REAL ingredients.

Two Scoops Creamery 

913 Central Avenue, Charlotte

Because who wouldn’t love a double-cone filled with artisan ice cream? This is a very fun shop filled with funky paintings that the kids will absolutely love. There are a few benches outside along with more paintings, which makes this place a superb place to take artsy photos. Flavor recommendation: Cookie Monster and Birthday Cake.

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King of Pops

Various locations throughout Charlotte

Popsicles from a classic pushcart, and they’re DELICIOUS. Interesting Fact: Most of their pops are made with five ingredients or less. King of Pops goal is to keep it simple, with wholesome ingredients and lots of flavor. They even offer King of Pups for your four-legged best friend. Find King of Pops at various restaurants and farmers markets. Enter your zip code here to find the location nearest you.

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3123 North Davidson Street, Suite B, Charlotte

Customizable Pops made to YOUR liking. (Insert drooling Emoji here) Here you will find the freshest, high quality ingredients that contribute to the unique taste and quality of their products. When visiting, you’ll have your choice of the classic popgelato or you can opt for a lighter note by choosing the popsorbetto or Yogurtpop. If you’re in the mood to #treatyoself, we highly recommend the popwhich – a gelato sandwich on a stick. Yum.

 Beyond the Border

Fort Mill + Waxhaw 

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Waxhaw Creamery

201 West South Main Street, Waxhaw

Located in historic downtown Waxhaw, this creamery specializes in making in-house delights with seasonal flavors and homemade waffle cones. Next time you find yourself antique shopping through downtown, make a pit stop and enjoy a little treat on a hot summer day.

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Jack’s Ice House

8475 Charlotte Highway, Fort Mill

Whisk your taste-buds away to the land of palm trees with Jack’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It’s like vacation in an icy cup. There is a gigantic list of flavors to choose from, but don’t be intimidated, as their extra-friendly staff will help you make the right decision. Make sure to bring cash, as this place is awesomely inexpensive, about $2 per person. We especially like the fact that this family-owned shop was started by their teenage son looking to build up his college fund.

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Scoop n’ Swirl Homemade Ice Cream

753 Crossroads Plaza, Fort Mill 

A cute, locally owned ice cream parlor with the friendliest owners you’ll ever meet. The ice cream here is phenomenal and they will happily mix-in a variety of toppings at your request on their large (frozen) marble slab. We recommend the chocolate tipped waffle bowl and the maple nut ice cream… it’s mouth-watering just thinking about it.

From all of us here at Scoop, we wish you a fantastic summer filled with frozen delights and sunshine. 😉