Lawdy Lawdy now you’re Forty.

It’s a big milestone and definitely one worth celebrating. And we are right there with you. This is a great decade for women ~ you’ve definitely still got it going on, but you’ve aged out of most of the insecurities, questioning and restless searching of your youth. Your energy, sex-life and looks are still with you, and you can still lose 5 lbs. for a party, even if it does take 4 weeks instead of 4 days.

The 40s represent such a turning point in most women’s lives. Career and family questions are often settled by now. You know how to just shake things off. You’ve learned a few important lessons and definitions by this time, about “grown-ups” and “soul mates” and “having it all.” Having a marriage and family of your own has given you a whole new perspective on your parents and siblings, and their roles in your life. Hopefully, you’ve learned when to say yes and when to say no, and that you really only need to be around people who are ok with hearing you say both. You’ve learned to walk away from unhealthy people and habits, mostly because you’ve also learned that you just cannot sleep it off like you could in your 20s.

“By your 40s, you don’t want to be with the cool people; you want to be with your people.”

Well put by Pamela Druckerman of the NYT.

Sponsored by CHARLOTTE RADIOLOGY, this series on scoop will cover all things Turning 40 in Charlotte. The beauty, fashion & fitness issues of your 40s, (did you know that your metabolism is slowing by 2% every decade you age?), the best ways & places to celebrate with a 40th Birthday Party, and some changes this decade will bring for your health.


Stay Tuned For:

  • The Best 40th Birthday Parties
  • Charlotte Party Rooms, Where to Celebrate 
  • Shopping The Charlotte Boutiques for Fashionable 40s
  • 10 Things Every Woman Should Think about for Healthy 40s
  • Beauty Over 40
  • The Over 40 Arms, Knees and Belly and How to Keep Them Taut.
  • You’re 40. Welcome to the Girls Who Wear Glasses Club
  • and more.

Whether you are just getting ready to hit the Big 4 – 0, or know someone who is, we can’t wait to celebrate with you all. Stay tuned girls. The best is yet to come.

Breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women, affecting one in every eight women in the United States. The professionals at Charlotte Radiology believe the key to beating this statistic and detecting breast cancer early is yearly, quality mammograms (starting at age 40), monthly self breast exams and regular clinical examination.

Why does Charlotte Radiology strongly maintain that your 40th year is the age to start receiving annual mammograms?

From July 1996-December 2013, CR conducted more than 1.1 million screening mammograms. Of the breast cancers detected using screening mammography, more than 20% were found in women ages 40-49. Additionally, 40% of life-years-lost to breast cancer are in women diagnosed in their 40s. Also:

  • Cancers in women under 50 are often more aggressive, making screening women under 50 even more important.
  • 75% of women diagnosed have no family history; without an annual mammogram we risk NOT detecting the majority of breast cancers in women under 50.

The bottom line is that early detection is the key to beating breast cancer. Additionally, annual screening results in lower recall rates than does biennial screening and finds cancer at its earliest stage – providing a more favorable prognosis.