You may have tried out a barre class or two before, but have you tried one at THE BAR METHOD in South Park? In 2001, The Bar Method opened its first studio in San Francisco empowering students to make lasting changes to their bodies and minds. Former oncology nurse and new Mom Autumn Frk was passionate about bringing The Bar Method to Charlotte when her family was transferred here; they opened in Fall 2015 in Sharon Square.

What can you expect from Bar Method classes? A hands on approach from instructors who call you by first name and offer corrections for better form, classes that are appropriate for all fitness levels and childcare for kids Pre-K and younger.

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Safety is the number one priority.

The Bar Method’s technique is designed with the guidance of licensed physical therapist. Each exercise (and its combined movement) is tested to ensure joint safety and maximize muscle recruitment. It is completely non-impact, so it is a safe choice for rehabbing injuries, and designed for students of all experience and fitness levels.

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Teacher Training

The Bar Methods rigorous training includes learning the bodies anatomy, the way it moves, and how to modify each exercise for a variety of injuries. It takes up to six months to become a certified Bar Method instructor, and for good reason. Each instructor provides a highly individualized experience in a group class setting starting with knowing every students name. Once certified, the instructors are continually assessed, coached, and provided with continuing education so they remain at the top of the “barre” class.

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The instructors get personal.

In order to maintain maximum efficiency in the workout and be safe doing it, the instructors are trained to offer individual adjustments, both verbally and physically. Whether it’s your 1st class or your 500th, the instructor looks for ways to improve your form to make it safer and more effective for you. This individual coaching style helps boost results by motivating you to hold deeper focus, improving both mental and physical strength.

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Hands on instruction to give students perfect form

Bonus for Moms of little ones

The Bar Method now offers a kids room for their Monday-Wednesday-Friday,  9:45am classes. Your first visit is FREE but you do need to call ahead to sign up. That takes care of one excuse!


The Bar Method Kids Room for babies and toddlers up to Pre-K


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*Offer is available for new clients only through March 31st. You will have 30 days from day of purchase to use your classes.

Embrace the Shake and Hustle for the Muscle at The Bar Method

Shake it til you Make it and Hustle for the Muscle at The Bar Method



Located in Sharon Square

4810 Ashley Park Ln
Charlotte, North Carolina
(980) 474-1144
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