We thought this would be a post about combatting cold winter temps and the toll it takes on your hair but Old Man Winter must be on an extended vacation, not that we are complaining. Cold temps or not, the start of a New Year is a chance to embrace a new look and style routine to shake things up a bit. We chatted with the owners  THE DAILY DETAILS located in Uptown for some ideas.


TDD blowouts

The Daily Details is celebrated their 1 year anniversary with 1/2 off blowouts for the month of February

The ladies of The Daily Details, located Uptown in the Duke Energy building, want you to make a resolution to wash your hair LESS this year. Training your hair to wash it less takes time, but the majority of people wash their hair too much. Start small, try to extend your hair 1 day past what you normally do and don’t use a ton of products. Clarify at least once a week to get your hair squeaky clean.

A few tips to get started on the no shampoo campaign;

Invest in a silk pillowcase – the silk fibers help keep your head cool at night and prevent tangles and creases to form.

style saver cap

The StyleSaver cap has a thick neoprene band to prevent slippage or creases and is extra big to fit even the thickest hair without any peeking out

Purchase a shower cap –  we prefer the StyleSaver cap, sold at The Daily Details and invented by a local Charloteean.

Dry shampoo – for extra staying power, spray some in the root of your hair before working out. This will help absorb the sweat prior and act a protective barrier between your scalp and hair root.


Light Detangler – Mist down your roots with a light detangler (Kenra Style Prep is great for this) and take your round brush and hairdryer and dry your roots up towards the ceiling. Focus mainly on your hairline and crown of your head.

For the entire month of February, The Daily Details is offering a half price blowout to all clients so you can see what a difference in your hair it makes. *limit one per person

Better yet, grab a 3 pack series of blowouts for $80. Book now 

Visit The Daily Details and tag @scoopcharlotte with a pic of your new look