I heard a few mentions that the body-con dress is “out” (hello, durrrrr, did you just wake up?), pale pink is definitely a thing, and there’s talk of soft makeup palettes, but really, the only thing that caught anyone’s eye all night other than when Ryan and Andrew kissed was the Deep V Neckline. It was everywhere. Plunging like crazy. 

I can’t remember another time that we saw a style take an awards show by storm like the Deep V Necklines of Sunday night. So much tasteful cleavage and fashion tape working overtime. When we see a red carpet takeover like that, we know we’ll be seeing it IRL soon. NOTE ~ the reason most of the stars look classy not stripper with this look is that there was not a push-up/push-in bra in sight. No one is auditioning for Hooters here.

We can’t use all the great photos we found out there on the web, cuz, money, but we can create a pinterest board with all the deep v’d dresses we saw.  click thru to see.