If ever there is a time to turn the focus on your health and wellness, the start of a new year is it. Sure we all want to start that new diet fad, but don’t forget about your muscles, bones and joints when considering how to get healthy in 2017. We’ve rounded up our top 10 posts from OrthoCarolina in 2016 to offer some insight from the experts as well as help educate you on how to keep your whole body healthy in this new year.

Everything You Need to Know About Cortisone Shots.

You may have heard of using cortisone shots to treat the issue, but Physician Assistant Kevin Casey with OrthoCarolina says there are a few things you need to know before going under the needle.




What is Kinesiology Tape and Why is it All Over People?

We spoke with OrthoCarolina Physical Therapist Chris Gabriel, OCS, CSCS about this nifty tool that you might want to add to your fitness regime.

kinesio tape



So You Think You Can Be a NASCAR Driver? One of Their Trainers Tells Us All About It.

We asked Physical Therapist Ken BreathOrthoCarolina‘s manager of motorsports outreach, all about the physical toll NASCAR can take on drivers and their crew.




Fast Twitch vs Slow Twitch Muscle and How It May Affect Your Training

We talked to physical therapist Kristin Hietbrink at OrthoCarolina all about the difference between these muscle fibers, and how to train each.




About Osteoporosis – Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatments

Studies show about half of women age 50 or older will suffer a broken bone as a result of Osteoporosis, but fortunately we can start preventing bone density loss at any age. We spoke to OrthoCarolina PA Jennifer Suckow, who told us everything we need to know about the disease.




Hip Pain: What Can Go Wrong and How to Avoid It

We chatted with Dr. Fehring all about hip pain issues women might encounter through various stages of our lives, how to prevent problems and when to talk to a professional.




Stretching – Pros, Cons and Favorites from the Charlotte Fitness Experts

We’ve interviewed several PTs  at OrthoCarolina about the pros and cons of stretching, plus asked the Charlotte fitness experts to share their thoughts and stretches.




Accident prone? Have kids? OrthoCarolina’s Urgent Care could save you a fortune

We sat down with Timothy Pysell, PA-C, who oversees OrthoCarolina’s team of Physicians Assistants, to find out more about Orthopedic Urgent Care.




Is a Standing Desk Really Worth It?

Curious to see if the Standing Desk was merely a challenging fad, or truly sustainable and helpful for real life people, we circled back to ask Logan (PR Manager) and Tim (PA-C and Director of Physician Assistants) at OrthoCarolina.




Your Glute Strength. Why it is Critical and Why Many Women Suffer Without it.

OrthoCarolina Physical Therapist Chris Gabriel gave us the low down on our backside, including how to find out if our glutes are firing, how to make them stronger and when to see a professional.