The 90’s revival has been going on now for a little while, what with “mom jeans,” floral dresses and Doc Martins being seen on stylish women everywhere. Another 90’s comeback is the choker necklace. This trend is so fun and can be worn by anyone. I tell clients all the time; “fashion is about personality and age is just a number.” If you’ve been wondering if you can rock this trend, you can. Here are a few stylist tips on exactly how, along with a few you can buy in the local CLT shops that would work perfectly.

The trick with wearing an edgier trend is to pair it with something timeless and classic, like a blazer. You never want a trend to overpower an outfit. Instead, you want it to enhance your own style while showing that you are fashion-forward. Think an LBD or a red sequin top with a satin-lapel blazer for the holidays paired with a dainty or metallic choker.



DOLL a Boutique’s B.B. LILA Old School Chokers $18 available in black, dark brown, and tan


DOLL a Boutique’s SPARKLY Chokers $18-21 – Assorted Chokers that are perfect for the Holidays


BOEM’s Frasier Sterling Born To Be Wild Choker $30
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For a daytime look, keep your outfit polished and streamlined. Try pairing a choker with a pair of well-tailored dress pants and a classic white button-down. Or you could do a sophisticated black blouse and tweed pencil skirt for a sexy librarian vibe. Both of these looks would be complemented well with a lace choker, a thicker velvet version for drama or a metallic version for a tiny pop of sparkle. You could also pull off the long suede tie version with either of these daytime looks.



BOEM’s Ettika Noir Floral Choker $64


BOEM’s Wade Large Velvet Choker $20


DOLL a Boutique’s FRASIER STERLING Chokers $19-$38 – Hip chokers with a 90’s flashback inspiration.


DOLL a Boutique’s Triple Wrap Choker $12 – Only available in brown

DOLL a Boutique's BODHI & SUEDE Wrap Choker $35 - More Colors and Charms available in-store - Handmade locally here in Charlotte, NC

DOLL a Boutique’s BODHI & SUEDE Wrap Choker $35 – More Colors and Charms available in-store – Handmade locally here in Charlotte, NC


For evenings out this season, rock the choker trend with a pair of faux leather leggings, a fuzzy sweater and heeled booties. Another option is a flowy dress with a fur vest and over the knee boots. MEOW! Chokers are sexy, so be ready for some attention.


BOEM’s Frasier Sterling Lacey Daisy Choker $36


BOEM’s Frasier Sterling Concho Choker $80