Want an easy update to your denim that you can do yourself in less than 10 minutes?

Simply cut the hem off.

This fun trend has been seen all over “it” girls and street fashion gurus alike. The best part? It can be worn with just about any shoe type. The allure here is all about the rough edge of the raw denim, which basically means the denim hasn’t been folded and hemmed as a finished edge or that you cut the hem yourself. There are several iterations of this trend: the raw edge (typically seen on purchased jeans), the cut edge (DIY or purchased), the “step” or “bi-level” edge (DIY or purchased) and the raw edge with a side slit cut. Personally, I feel if you can cut a straight line then there is really no need to purchase a pair of already-cut denim. But who I am to say, really? I own over 25 pairs of jeans.

Some tips if you choose to DIY this trend: lay your jeans out on a table or even your bed and button them. Make sure each leg is laying even to the other. Rule of thumb on this trend is about an inch above your ankle bone. Mark your cut with pen or pencil. Use sharp scissors. Wash afterwards to get the “frayed” look.

Below are some visuals for inspiration and here’s one of a pair of my own jeans I cut myself. If you’d like to see more, check out my Denim Pinterest board here.

Photos via Pinterest

raw-edge_red-sweater sneakers_cut-edge-denim step-edge-denim step-edge-denim_red-block-heels


blush-lace-up-heels_cut-denim mustard-sweater_cut-edge-denim

raw-edge-pic step-cut-denim-up-close-pic

If you do want to buy, 3 x 1 makes the popular pair that started it all for the fashion mavens. At $295, find one or two sizes left in one of the three available colors on MODA OPERANDI here. And FRAME makes some stylin’ $315 mixed level versions at Net-a-Porter




And of course, since scoop is the deal on the deals, our picks are these fringey crops at ASOS.com:


These uneven raw hem crops also from ASOS.


And these skinnies at ASOS with “stepped hems”


If you’ve really got cute thin thighs to show off, these flippy flare raw edge crops have got it all goin on: