SouthPark Stylist Outfits Page Crawford & Jenna Caiazzo from FOX 46 TV with the Secrets to Holiday Style

Can you believe the holiday season is here?  Soon we’ll be sharing a Thanksgiving dinner, spending time with family and friends and shopping for that perfect gift.  During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we all want to look and feel great. As a wardrobe consultant, stylist and personal shopper for SouthPark {Suzanne Libfraind Wardrobe Consulting}, I have the inside scoop on the latest holiday trends.  Two of my favorite Charlotte newscasters, Page Crawford and Jenna Caiazzo from FOX 46, joined me recently to help share the best fashion secrets of the holidays to ease you into the season in style.

Day to Night Style During the Holidays

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Page and Jenna in What to Wear to Work This Season

Page: Work Attire

I selected a rich teal dress and a soft blush coat with a side tie for Page because of the versatility and option to go from day to night. Whether Page is wearing it on-air or for church, this look is considered a true work-horse garment. The soft blush is neutral and a delightful alternative to a basic black, navy or brown coat. By adding a scarf with a variety of tones to both the dress and the coat, Page has a polished, professional look.

*Tip: A dress is a spectacular choice and one of the easiest garments to wear for business casual—also perfect for accommodating Charlotte weather. Buy colors and fabrics such as poly blends and lightweight wools in styles that can be worn with a cardigan, blazer or jacket, and add tights, boots, pumps or flats. Find a few great scarves to add a punch of color.  Add a brooch or a simple necklace for daywear and a statement piece for evening.


Option 1

Banana Republic dress, $118; and coat, $268; Coach scarf, $225; Brahmin bag, $335; Gini Bini (Dillard’s) shoes, $79.99; Kendra Scott “Caden” earrings, $90;


Option 2

Kendra Scott: “Tessa” earrings, $65 and “Berniece” necklace, $150; Gini Bini (Dillard’s) shoes, $70.80;


Jenna: Work Attire

For Jenna, I selected a black stretch straight skirt and bright fuchsia silk tie-at-wrist blouse. The soft metallic sweater vest for Jenna is perfect for an uptown chic vibe. I suggested a smaller piece of jewelry for her on-air look and the fabulous soft blush statement piece to wear at night. As a new mother, this outfit is a simple option and will get Jenna on her way in a flash—ready to dazzle her viewers.


Option 1

Banana Republic blouse, $46.99 and skirt, $128; Lilly Pulitzer “Abbott” vest, $128; Porsche Design: bag, $1,700 and sunglasses, $125; Vince Camuto (Dillard’s) shoes, $195; Kendra Scott: “Lety” earrings, $70 and “Harlow” necklace, $195


Option 2

Kendra Scott: “Corla” necklace, $75 and “Mackenzie” necklace, $95; Antonio Melani (Dillard’s) shoes, $169.99; Brahmin bag, $165

Casual Office Looks for this Season

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Page and Jenna: What to Wear for Casual Work Attire

Since a fashion sneaker is all the rage, I suggested that we pair their work attire with a comfy shoe for an off-air look, on-the-go. Jenna and Page show off a playful style, while still maintaining a professional look.

*Tip For Page’s Look:

When pairing two opposing colors, monochromatic or tonal garments, opt for a striking accessory, whether it’s a necklace, scarf, shoe or bag. Page’s animal print sneakers fit her feisty personality, and complement almost every color.


Option 1

Banana Republic: sweater, $34 and skirt, $65.99; Coach jacket, $1795; Gini Bini (Dillard’s) shoes, $89.99; Kendra Scott: “Pierce” choker, $55; “Lety” earrings, $70;


Option 2

Kendra Scott necklaces: “Phara, $120 and “Beatrice”, $90; Kendra Scott “Naomi” ring, $130; Gini Bini (Dillard’s) shoe, $89.99;


*Tip For Jenna’s Look

When wearing a colored crop trouser pant, find a way to draw the color up around your face for a longer lean line from head to toe. In Jenna’s case, she is wearing a fabulous textured navy sheer blouse with a tonal pink sweater to keep a consistent elongated look, versus split in two.


Option 1

Banana Republic: blouse, $118; sweater, $88; and skirt, $88; Brahmin bag, $335; Cole Haan (Dillard’s) shoes, $150; Kendra Scott “Rayne” necklace, $90;


Option 2

Kendra Scott: “Trisha” earrings, $75; and “Kenny” ring, $85; Steve Madden (Dilllard’s) shoes, $89.99

What to Wear to A Holiday Party ~ His & Hers

Page and Jake: What to Wear to A Holiday Party

I selected a sharp, navy and gold embellished classic Lilly Pulitzer dress with exposed arms to accentuate Page’s height and fair coloring. With her busy lifestyle, Page needs silhouettes that will take her to an office holiday fundraiser or hosting event year-round.


*Tip: When purchasing a festive dress for the holiday, keep in mind the versatility of the color, texture, and fabric. Think about ways to accessorize—you don’t want to buy a one hit wonder! Also, as Jake shows here, correct sizes are key!


Option 1

Lilly Pulitzer “Bryce” dress $258; Vince Camuto (Dillard’s) shoes, $89; Coach bag $595; Kendra Scott: “Tallulah” earrings, $130; “Posey” bracelet, $95; “Kathleen” bracelet, $65 and “Angela” $70 bracelet


Option 2

Porsche Design bag, $680; Antonio Melani (Dillard’s) shoes, $110;

Jake’s Look:

Gold Label shirt, $79.50; Daniel Cremieux vest, $65; Levi jeans, $79.50; Cole Haan (Dillard’s) shoes $119.99;


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Jenna and Blake: What to Wear to the Office Party

Jenna is dressed for Blake’s uptown business holiday party. I selected versatile, neutral separates that offer Jenna multiple uses when worn with other garments in her wardrobe. The bomber faux fur is the perfect layering piece with pants or skirts. Jenna will pair the neutral metallic culottes with knit sweaters and cotton denim tops and tees. By layering Jenna’s neckwear, I was able to give her the ultimate statement look!

*Tip: When attending any office party, keep in mind you want to make an overall positive impression with your appearance and conversation. Avoid deep plunging necklines, items that are tight fitting and short. Also, avoid using too much perfume or body spray. The same applies for men in tight fitting shirts and pants, and too much cologne.


Option 1

Banana Republic Jacket, $188; Lilly Pulitzer: “Florie” Top, $118 and “Margo” pant, $118; Antonio Melani (Dillard’s) shoes, $58; Kendra Scott: “Lety” earrings, $70, “Anatasia” necklace, $175; and “Berniece” necklace, $150


Option 2

Kendra Scott: “Gwendolyn” necklace, $295; “Halsey” earrings, $75; and “Arielle” ring, $75; Louise et Cie (Dillard’s) shoe, $129;

Blake’s Look:

Banana Republic: sweater, $69.50; pant, $170; and jacket, $398; Dillard’s hat, $60; Porsche Design shoes, $455

Dressing the Whole Family for the Holidays

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Crawford-Fehling Family Holiday Fare

I selected the sequined tank, dark wash boot-cut jean and classic button front blazer for Page because the top and jacket are versatile for work, date night with Jake or any holiday family gathering.

*Tip: If you plan to use print or patterned clothing in your family photo, be sure to choose carefully. Opt for texture!  A small amount of pattern can be shown on a vest, sock, scarf and layered items underneath solid garments. Not everyone should wear pattern in the photo.


Option 1

Lucky Brand: top, $119; blazer, $169; and jeans, $119; Gini Bini (Dillard’s) boots, $139; Kendra Scott: “Bex” earrings, $175; “Blake” cuff $120, and “Elton” cuff, $70;


Option 2

Kendra Scott “Daisy” ring, $50; Coach bag, $595; Coach (Dillard’s) shoes, $195;

Jake’s Look:

Lucky Brand: tee, $39.50; plaid shirt, $79.50; coat, $499; jeans, $69.50; and belt, $59.50; Seibel (Dillard’s) shoes, $185;

Kids Looks:

Ford – Janie and Jack: shirt, $36; sweater, $54; pant, $39.99; and boots, $56;

Cal – Janie and Jack shirt, $36; vest, $39.99, and pant, $39.99:

June – Janie and Jack: dress, $59; bow $16, and shoes, $59;

What to Wear for A Family Gathering

Jenna and Blake with baby Prescott: What to Wear for a Family Gathering

I dressed Jenna in a beautiful purple metallic sweater with a fitted dark straight-leg jean and animal print ankle strap heel. I imagined that as a new mother, Jenna would enjoy this festive sweater, as it would complement her hourglass figure.  Plus it’s an easy item to pair with pants or skirts. I love the idea of incorporating animal print with festive holiday colors (red, forest green, berry, and cobalt blue) and an animal print heel—a definite wardrobe builder for Jenna.

*Tip: If children are involved in your holiday plans, make sure everyone is rested and fed. And if you plan on taking photos, be sure to manage your time wisely. If you’re in front of the camera more than 30 minutes, take a break, and bring a light snack to refuel!

Many children like to have input on what they wear.  Let them – they’ll be much happier!


Option 1

Lucky Brand: sweater, $99; jeans, $119; and shoes, $99; Kendra Scott: “Sophee” earrings, $55; and “Rayne” necklace, $85;



Option 2

Vince Camuto (Dillard’s) shoes, $99; Kendra Scott “Lucas” necklace, $130; Coach bag, $595;

Blake’s Look:

Lucky Brand: shirt, $69.50; sweater, $149; jeans, $99; belt, $59.50; and shoes, $169;

Baby Prescott’s look:

Janie and Jack: jumper, $44; hat, $24; and shoes, $44;

What to Wear to a Holiday Gala

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Jake and Page with Jenna and Blake: Festive Gala Wear

I selected Page’s form-fitting bronze and gold lace mermaid inspired dress because of the simple lines and overall muted pattern. I wanted to focus on the dress so I kept her accessories to a minimum, opting for a statement earring and single strand, multiple layered bracelets. The stiletto shoes, rich with tones of gold and bronze, give this outfit a definite wow-factor!


Page’s Look:

David Meister dress, $895; Vince Camuto wrap, $32; Vince Camuto (Dillard’s) shoes, $59.40; Brahmin bag, $225; Kendra Scott “Katrina” earrings, $295; “Penelope” ring, $150; “Stacey” bracelets, $45;

Jake’s Look

Hugo Boss suit, $695; Gold Label shirt, $49.50; Murano tie, $49.50; Magnanni (Dillard’s) shoes, $325;


Jenna’s stunning black and red lace dress is the perfect complement to her figure and tones, and pairs nicely with a trendy choker.  The addition of a simple earring and layered narrow bracelets made of soft neutral stones reflect the rich hues of the dress. Jenna can cover her shoulders on cooler evenings with the cinched simple black wrap – much better than having a bulky knot at her waistline!


Jenna’s Look:

Carmen Marc Valvo dress, $390; Adrienne Papell wrap, $50; Antonio Melani (Dillard’s) shoes, $110; Kendra Scott: “Andrina” necklace, $495; “Ashlyn” earrings, $100; “Cole” bracelet, $250; and “Alectra”  bracelet, $110;

Blake’s Look

Ralph Lauren suit, $495; Gold Label: shirt, $49.50; and bow tie, $39.50; Roundtree and York handkerchief, $12; Magnanni (Dillard’s) shoes, $325;

When dressing their husbands, I selected an accessory to coordinate with their spouses’ look.  Check out Jake’s bronze and soft blue paisley tie and Blake’s stylin’ velvet bow tie!

*Tip: Consider your shape and use these basic guidelines when selecting festive evening wear:

  • A bias cut will add curves to your frame.
  • An a-line silhouette will help give the illusion of elongation.
  • If you have a small bust, opt for a v-neck or sweetheart neckline.
  • Know what sleeve length is most flattering for you and keep in mind you can always incorporate a wrap or shrug.
  • Ask if alterations are available, otherwise it may be a deal breaker if there is too much work to be done.


Get that festive holiday feel by adding a red lip, a gold shadow or a soft silver metallic nail polish to highlight your wardrobe ensemble. If red lipstick is not your thing, try pink.  A few new beauty items will go a long way!



Beauty – All from Dillard’s:

Artis Brushes, $165; Artis Brush Cleaning Pad, $55; Diorific Mat Red Lipstick, $38; Chanel Nail Polish, $28; Dior Perfume, $89; Dior Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Color, $37;


The overall secret to a fashionable holiday wardrobe is to buy items that you will want to wear after the holidays. The more you can mix and match, the more you will enjoy the garment. Get creative and let me know if I can help! Remember, the holidays are right around the corner and my personal shopping services at SouthPark are complimentary for first time customers for up to three hours!


Special thanks to Page Fehling and Jenna Caiazzo and their families for sharing a day in style!


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Suzanne’s Look:

Antonio Melani dress, $229; Dillard’s shoes, $245; Kendra Scott: “Tessa” earrings, $65; “Harper” necklace, $120; “Cheska” bracelet, $75; and “Candice” bracelet, $75;


From my closet to yours,

Suzanne Libfraind

919.270.0250; [email protected]


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