a b o d e ‘s new storefront on East Blvd. houses a gorgeous mixture of transitional, vintage, and modern home furnishings, plus unique lighting, art,  tabletop, accessories and gifts. In addition, Mary Tobias Miller’s full-service Interior Design Studio operates out of the showroom, which is located in between Vestique and Pour Olive on East.

I adore this shop ~ pale neutrals, soft, watery prints, pastels, metallic glimmers, pops of brights and kitsch, elegant but never stuffy, modern AND classic, with some really fabulous chandeliers and ceiling lights. And while this is the kind of designer decor you’ll see on the design blogs and magazines, the prices are reasonable and not coma-inducing.

Here are my favorite items in a b o d e this month:

These zip code pillows and that lucite dog bed. 

october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-1 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-14 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-26 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-2october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-15


The Lokum candles from Turkey ~ a b o d e is the only place in the USA that you can find them.  Well-priced ($45-$65) with gift-worthy containers and sexy scents.

october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-16 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-18 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-17


Really unusual, stylish and unique table-top, perfect for the parties to come.  The brand new, just unpacked white melamine dishes and serveware are amazing and priced between $6 and about $60 (for the big platters).

october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-22 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-25 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-21


The kind of gifts we both want and want to give.

october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-19 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-20 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-8 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-6


Always amazing lighting and furniture

october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-10 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-11 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-12 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-13 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-24 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-5 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-9 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-3 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-4 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-7 october-shop-abode-on-east-blvd-23