Wine. Laughter. Pizza. Appreciation.

A behind the scenes glance at a cooking session with Chef Wolfgang Puck.

chef wolfgang puck

I’ll have to admit – I don’t get starstruck very often. Yet my cooking session with Wolfgang Puck was completely surreal. I am still pinching myself.

Wolfgang Puck wp-kitchen-bar

Picture via WP Kitchen + Bar Facebook.

As I walked into WP Kitchen + Bar (which is beautiful, by the way), I was pleasantly greeted by the Chef himself. Whoa, what? He shook my hand…

First and foremost, he began to speak about wine and how it enhances the flavor of all foods. We were best friends already. On display he had his four wines for us to discuss and sample: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine had a distinctive and elegant flavor that tasted phenomenal for the price point (the average price for a bottle is $15-$20, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Keep Memory Alive foundation).

Wolfgang Puck wp-wines

After sampling and mingling we headed to the kitchen to make some pizza. Insider fact: Chef Puck likes pesto on his pizza. We stood side-by-side as he taught me how to properly toss the pizza dough into shape.

Wolfgang Puck pizza-dough

I was in awe. A little history… my first job was at Domino’s Pizza when I was fifteen. If you would have told me that one day I would be making pizza with Chef Wolfgang Puck I wouldn’t have believed you.

Dream. Come. True. 

Displayed were a plethora of toppings to choose from; what did I want to put on mine? Nervously I reached for an olive oil and red pepper flake base. Next I piled on corn,  roasted tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella, fontina, burrata and goat cheese. I went a little overboard with the cheese but Chef Wolfgang assured me that it would be delicious. You can never have too much cheese in my book, and apparently Chef Wolfgang agrees. Our pizza’s were then baked in his 800 degree pizza oven for about 4-5 minutes, until they were perfectly crispy and browned.

Wolfgang Puck wp-ovenWolfgang Puck salmon-caviar-pizza

We enjoyed a few slices together and discussed our passion for cooking and how important it is to give back to the community. It was definitely a day to remember.

Wolfgang Puck chef-and-jess

WP Kitchen + Bar is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week. With a menu going way beyond pizza; there’s dishes that the entire family will enjoy. I encourage you to stop by and feast on one of Executive Chef Stephen’s specialties: like his Grilled Spanish Octopus. I promise, you will not be disappointed.


Picture via of WP Kitchen + Bar Facebook.

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