How to DIY a Necklace Hanger

Here’s a stylist tip I like to share with clients: always keep your eyes open, because you never know when you’re going to find a gem. And while I get it that the “thrill of the hunt” is lost on some, for me it’s a total adrenaline rush. I absolutely love to find cute clothing and accessories in unexpected places and have scored some serious finds at garage sales, drug stores, garden stores and even Harris Teeter (fleece-lined leggings, 2 for $10).

So I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I found a piece of driftwood for $10 at the Oak Island Farmer’s Market while on vacation. Even better was the story from the woman who pulled it from the marshy reeds under a local bridge while alligators watched (yikes). I had been looking for a larger necklace hanger and knew instantly this was just the piece I needed to make my own.

DIY Necklace hanger final productJPG

While I used driftwood, you could also use barn wood which is available at many local antique stores. I found my drawer pulls at World Market, but Anthropologie has some great ones too. Here’s how I did it in 4 easy steps.

What you’ll need:  A piece of wood, drawer knobs or pulls, heavy-gauge picture hanging wire, washers and screws.

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Step 1: Mark where you want your pulls. Important note: do not try to drill the holes yourself. You’ll need to take your wood to Home Depot or Lowes to get them drilled with a drill press. Wood hardens with age and is nearly impossible to drill through by hand (I learned this the hard way). You may also know someone with a drill press, as it’s a fairly common item; I was lucky my dad had one and was happy to help with the project.


Step 2: Attach knobs/pulls in desired order. Add washers & screws on the back. Note: if you choose different knobs like I did, they may be different sizes and need different sized washers and screws. Take the knobs with you to Lowes/Home Depot or while searching through your toolbox to ensure you have the sizes you need.

DIY Necklace hanger Step 2JPG

Step 3: Use the end two screws to attach the picture hanging wire.

DIY Necklace Hanger Step 3JPG

Step 4: Hang necklaces as desired and enjoy your newly organized accessories area! Be sure to use wall anchors or drill into a stud when affixing this to the wall, as it’s a relatively heavy item and adding jewelry to it will increase the weight. This DIY piece will help you accessorize every day, as you can see all your pieces and pick one quickly. It also keeps them from getting tangled up in a drawer or jewelry box.

DIY Necklace hanger final productJPG


After years of working in the corporate world, Jen took her love of fashion and styling to the next level by completing a Fashion Business program through Parsons in NYC. She started Charlotte Shop Girl as a creative outlet and is now helping women all over the Charlotte metro area find clothing that makes them feel their best. A Charlotte resident for over 18 years, when she’s not shopping or blogging, she can be found enjoying time with friends and family. For more styling tips, check out her Instagram or visit



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