I’m just gonna say it. There’s barre and then there’s Hilliard.

Hilliard Lake Davidson

Don’t get me wrong, all barre, sculpting and pilates classes are startlingly challenging and effective. I dare you nay-sayers to take two weeks of 3 classes a week and NOT feel the challenge. This type of class offers a low-impact, full-body workout that is particularly good at creating long, lean muscles without bulk, and at tightening up those problem areas like your rear end, thighs, waist and abs.

Liz Hilliard and daughter Clary Hilliard Gray created one of Charlotte’s most popular fitness studios when they opened Hilliard Studio Method┬« (HSM) several years ago. HSM is a 60 minute full-body workout that incorporates weights, resistance bands, weighted balls and gliders with floor and/or barre work. Their upper body arm/plank/push-up section alone is worth the price of admission. HSM has sculpted and strengthened thousands of women with its 45 classes each week in Myers Park, and the studio has a stellar reputation for its effectiveness and motivating atmosphere ~ among Charlotte women and women all over the country who use the HSM DVD and Video program to get their daily Method in.

Hilliard Lake Davidson


HILLIARD STUDIO METHOD DAVIDSON classes are at Dance Davidson 140 Jackson Street.

Classes are Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30am. You can check out their schedule and pricing here.

For more info, to sign up, to ask questions & more, email them at [email protected].  And stay tuned to scoopthelake.com for updates, news, special classes and more.

Need more convincing? Read the testimonials here and watch the video below. Or text one of your QC girls and ask her what she thinks. She’ll tell you, it’s the real deal. You definitely want to sign up soon.