Try out the new 15 to Fit Pilates in Mooresville with $5 classes!

Confession: My first experience with Pilates was a $19.99 online DVD series from Windsor Pilates. I ordered it one night in college when I was studying (and eating pizza) and it seemed like just what I needed. For the next 2 years, my Pilates routine consisted of 20-minute exercises on my dorm floor. The craziest thing – they actually worked!

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So I graduated college with a job and a paycheck and moved up to live Pilates mat classes in New York, then Raleigh and Charlotte. But what I’d never dare to try was the intimidating Reformer machine – just looking at it made me nervous. I thought I would always stick with my mat classes until I met with Patrea Aeschliman, owner of 15 to Fit Pilates in Mooresville, NC.

15 to Fit Pilates Mooresville
Patrea Aeschliman, owner of 15 to Fit pilates

Patrea has a degree in exercise science and fitness and in addition to being a college athlete and fitness competitor herself, she has trained athletes from the NFL, NBA and PGA.  She is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning association. Patrea believes that everyone can achieve a toned and healthy body in a safe way.

15 to Fit Pilates Mooresville
Photo courtesy of 15 to Fit’s Facebook page

The staff at 15 to Fit is highly experienced and includes both certified personal trainers and pilates instructors. Classes are small – 10 person maximum – so that everyone gets personalized attention to maximize their results and minimize their chance of injury. Patrea’s commitment to meeting each individual’s needs is carried throughout the 15 to Fit program, including things like this helpful breakdown of experience levels in the class descriptions on their website.

15 to Fit Pilates Mooresville
Photo courtesy of 15 to Fit Facebook page

Classes range from classical reformer pilates to fusion classes that include weights, TRX cables, jump boards and even the ballet barre. All classes include some work on the reformer machine – but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it looks! Not sure which class or level is for you? Their friendly staff is happy to answer questions and direct you to the right class.

Photo courtesy of 15 to Fit Facebook page
Photo courtesy of 15 to Fit Facebook page


So if you’re sick of bootcamps, the treadmill, and hot yoga this may be the workout for you. The 50 minute class flew by but I was definitely feeling my abs (and my arms and other places) for days after.

For a limited time, 15 to Fit is offering introductory $5 classes and $5 barre classes.

So grab a friend and check them out – this amazing $5 per class deal won’t last forever.

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478 Williamson Rd
Mooresville, NC
(704) 880-8870


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