Hitting the beach or the road for fun in the summer sun? If your plan is to take a break from everything but wine-ing and dining, that’s my kind of vacay. I try not to break up the flow with too much exercise!

But if you know the back-to-reality recovery is not worth the break, we get that too. We reached out to our favorite CLT fitness instructors for their best moves outside the studio to keep you in shape no matter what your destination. Watch their super short videos ~ each with a super-effective move to burn off the holiday calories.

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FLYWHEEL Charlotte

Myra Simon
My Stay in Shape on Summer Vacation move is the classic plank. There are so many variations of the plank and it is such a great all encompassing move which, if done correctly, is super effective. It can work your arms, back, core and even your lower half of your body.

The great thing about the plank is that it can be done a-n-y-w-h-e-re! Beach, hotel room, indoors or outdoors. Some variations are raising one leg just a couple inches and pulse it upwards, or tap the toes out and back in. Throwing in a full range push up is a great way to add even more difficulty.
My favorite plank variation is the low plank. Come down to your forearms and really focus on keeping the booty low, not arching your low back and keeping your core tight and thighs and legs glued together. An awesome low plank move is to tap your hips from side to side, this targets your obliques as well as entire abdomen wall. Additionally you can press your heels back, shifting weight both forwards and backwards. This causes your core to engage with the weight distribution.

Jen Dufresne
My go to summer move this year is the pull up. (I recently heard someone say “backs are the new booty”). This one exercise will target Lats (that bra fat area), biceps, chest and your core (you have to engage your abs to prevent from swinging).
There are also several modifications and ways to do them without going to a gym.  In the first sequence, I do a standard pull up. In the second sequence, I offer a variation to building to a standard pull up – starting at a shorter bar, jump up to the top of the pull up position and  slowly lower to the ground over three seconds. Trust me, when I get fatigued, this is a great modification. You will quickly start to see results in your back and overall strength.


Orange Theory Charlotte

This exercise comes from Justin Gordon the Head Trainer at the Orangetheory Charlotte – South End location and is demo’d by Charlotte – Quail Corners coach Halle:  Two exercises that incorporate upper body, lower body, & core. First one is a plank jack into a knee tuck. After that move right into a full burpee with the added push up. These two moves will target different muscle groups as well as get the heart rate up. Perfect for small hotel rooms or on the beach. Don’t forget to take you OTbeat heart rate monitor with you to track those workouts outside of the studio.

And from Bekah Eljundi, Regional Trainer and Head Trainer from Orangtheory Charlotte – Arboretum = Plyometric exercises are great for total body cardio and strength.  These moves will get your heart rate up in a short period of time and torch calories. Perfect for those beach vacations!


Xtend Barre Charlotte

Demonstrated by Instructors Jane, Julia, Shawna and Kristen

Tendu Lifts (to work the back of the leg & glutes):
Rock out into a 1st position.  Demi plie, keeping your heels on the floor.  Place weight into one foot, keeping a slight bend in the supporting leg and extend the other leg to the back diagonal.  Lower/Lift the leg with pointed toe 8 reps.  Then hold leg in the air and pulse up 8 reps. Bend/extend the back leg into back attitude then straight leg working the hamstring and glute 8 reps.

Plie Battements (to work the quads with an added cardio element):

Open legs and arms to second position. Plie in second position.  Keep arm in second and bring working leg to a battement in second position as the supporting leg straightens. Do 2 sets of 8 reps and repeat on other side.


9 Round Dilworth

From Lauryn, trainer at 9Round Dilworth. = I’ve put together a Push-up Ladder that you can do no matter where you are and in just about 10 minutes. I give you 4 push-up variations (wide-grip, narrow-grip, t-push up, and single leg push-up) to do in a ladder format. Start by doing 1 rep of each push-up and then increase the reps by 1 each time. Set a goal, for example a ladder of 3, and complete it every day. Increase your ladder by 1 every few days! I hope this summer workout works for you, have a great summer!”


Sweat Cycle Charlotte

Hilliard Studio Method

Hilliard Studio Method’s most recently released workout video, On the Go can be done anytime, anywhere. Requiring no additional equipment, On the Go is perfect for easy summer travel. You can stream the whole video here.


Here’s an entire workout using just your own body weight as resistance to shape strong arms, a healthy back and flat abs.

Come to all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your elbows slightly bent. Walk your knees back so that your hips drop in line with your knees. Stay on your knees for a modified plank hold. To advance, tuck your toes and extend to straight legs. Make sure your back is flat and not dipping low. Gaze slightly ahead of your fingers to keep you spine properly aligned and pull your belly button up and in toward your back. Hold this position as long as you can up to 60 seconds, taking breaks as needed. Don’t forget to breathe!

Walk your hands wider than your shoulders for pushups. On either knees or straight legs and toes, bend your elbows and hover your chest down to elbow level and then push back up to straight arms. Complete 10 pushups.

Plank run for 30 seconds by pulling your knees into your chest. Keep your back flat and your hips low and expect to start to sweat!

Side plank and work your waist and challenge your balance by placing your right hand under your shoulder and your knee under your hip as you open your chest and stack your shoulders and hips. To advance, extend the bottom right leg long and straight and lift your left leg in the air. Hold this for 30 seconds.

Repeat 10 pushups, another set of plank runs and a left side plank hold. The icing on the cake and where you’ll really change your body is to complete a final round of 10 puhsups and a 60 second hold. A wide second position plié squat is an effective on-the-go move that can be done on the beach, porch or in your hotel room. It is effective in toning your legs, especially your inner thighs. Start by stepping your feet out wide as a 45° turnout making sure the knees are in line with your toes. When you drop your hips low, make sure your knees don’t push past your toes. If they do, walk your feet out wider. From this position, place your hands on your hips. Roll your shoulders up to your ears then back and down to open your chest and elongate your spine for perfect posture.