Who wears short shorts? {Cue the 80’s commercial}

I feel like my summer uniform equation goes something like this…

Tank + Cutoff shorts + Long neckace + Strappy flat sandals = Ready

shorts 2

But seriously. It’s the season. “We wear short shorts”. And we have scooped out the best places to find the cutest cutoffs and sexiest shorts. Whether it’s patterns & prints you crave or just the perfect cutoff denim, the stores around LKN have the best to offer!



Lavendar Boutique 

Lav 2 Lav Lav 3


Mainstream Boutique 

MS MS 2 MS 3



U 3 U 2 U


Vanilla Brazil 

VB 3 VB VB 2


Lunas’s at the lake 

LUnas 2 Lunas


I’ll leave you with my shopping motto.