Do you need a cleanse, a detox or both? Advice from the pros on what’s right for you.



Feeling bloated, sluggish or just downright yucky? The answer might be a cleanse or a detox. Or both. Wait, what? Are they not the same thing?

You might be using these terms interchangeably but the truth is there’s a big difference. We talked to Dietitian Aaron Chacon at Evolve Medical Associates about how to determine which one is right for you.

“Virtually everyone needs to allot some time throughout the year to improving their liver and digestive tract,” Aaron told us.  “And one of the biggest reasons to start a detox or cleanse is weight management.”

If you’re eating right and exercising but still not seeing a change in your weight, it could be time for a cleanse or detox.

Aaron explains “If a person’s liver or digestive tract is not functioning optimally, why would their body want to lose body fat? If anything, it would want to retain as much as possible. So, for most patients looking to lose weight, the best route would be to first start off with either a detox or cleanse (or even both at the same time or in sequence), improve their health, and whatever diet plan they utilize will be much more effective.”

Here’s the skinny on how start getting skinny (or just to re-boot your systems for better overall health): [Once you decide, of course scoop’s gotten a deal for you, cuz that’s just how we roll].


• Specifically for digestion/gut health
• You could need one if you have regular stomach discomfort or any other gastric issues
• Can help with weight loss by regulating digestive tract
• Evolve’s Cleanse Program can help “reset” your digestive health

Aaron says nowadays the word “cleanse” has an extremely loose definition, and many supplement companies take advantage of this to sell products that are actually harmful for the body. Not good. Also, many people have never even considered a cleanse to help with any stomach problems or even weight issues they’re experiencing. Also not good.

Fortunately, Aaron says Evolve’s five-week Cleanse Program uses only the strongest and safest products to help clean out your gut and then replenish it with good bacteria.

For the first two weeks, you’ll take a prebiotic supplement which  will serve as food for healthy bacteria to grow and proliferate. It’s formulated with a fiber called glucomannan, which helps slow the rate of digestion and will promote weight loss by making you feel more full. It’ll also help regulate your blood sugar levels. You’ll also take digestive herbal supplement called Cleanse Caps, which contain natural herbal laxatives, natural toxin eliminators, ginger and peppermint to soothe your digestive system and minimize discomfort and more.

After the initial two weeks, you’ll start taking a probiotic with a very unique blend of bacteria strains. Even if you’re already taking a probiotic, it likely isn’t pharmaceutical grade. That means most of the supplement is likely destroyed by your stomach acid before it can even do what it’s supposed to. Aaron says Evolve’s probiotic uses a special time-released technology that will guarantee 16 million (!) live bacteria in your digestive tract.


• Specifically for liver health
• You could need one if you have abnormal weight gain, difficulty losing weight or fatigue
• You should also consider one if you eat a diet high in refined or processed foods, drink alcohol regularly or take any oral medications.
• Evolve’s Core Restore formula will give your liver what it needs for its “assembly line” of toxin elimination

A detox shouldn’t be a juice fast, starvation-style diet or anything else gimmicky, Aaron says. Instead, it needs to be about feeding your body specific nutrients that will help your liver optimize its two-phase toxin elimination process. Aaron says the liver is the largest gland in the body and it’s constantly working, but if it starts to get unhealthy, other body systems (like your heart, brain, kidneys and skin) can suffer.

The liver has a two-phase process of turning fat-soluble toxins (refined foods, caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, etc.) into water-soluble waste that your body can eliminate. Aaron explains it as an “assembly line” that uses enzymes and molecules as “workers” to transform the toxins. But if any of the workers don’t show up (nutrient deficiency), the assembly line can back up and send toxins into the body’s fat cells.

The week-long Core Restore program provides “workers” for the assembly line in the form of B vitamins, folate, amino acids, glutamine, calcium and lots more. While you’re on the program, Aaron says you’ll need to incorporate as many fresh organic foods as possible. You’ll also have to stop drinking alcohol and start chugging more water. But it’ll be worth it at the end.


How to Know Which One (or both) is Right For You?

Knowing what is right for you shouldn’t really be tackled by your own armchair nutritionist impulses, your book club know-it-all, or your favorite instagram shape shifter’s product plugs. Every person’s situation is different, and the best place to start is with a consultation with Aaron at Evolve. How to do that? Simple.

Email Aaron Chacon for more info or to schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation HERE. Chances are, you’ll walk out of your meeting with Aaron with either your cleanse, your detox or your personal next steps.



Could this be you?

“I am so very fortunate to have met you and can’t believe the difference just 7 days has made in my digestion. The Core Restore Programs will be part of my wellness program for life!” said one customer. “I still can’t believe that you and your understanding of the body and nutrition could accomplish in seven days what four gastroenterologists couldn’t fix in 10 years. I only wish I would have found you sooner! I am excited to continue to challenge my body now with the whole foods that we discussed and continue to build upon the foundation we have set.”



Don’t wait. Email Aaron Chacon for more info or to schedule an appointment HERE or visit


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