Do you want to know the secret to throwing the perfect late spring or summer bash?  Serve sangria.

Sangria is easy, sweet, crisp, and always a crowd pleaser.  Your party will be a success with traditional red or white sangria, but your guests will be buzzing about it all summer long if you offer sangria with a little twist.

You’re in luck because we already took the liberty of taste testing some unique recipes- for research purposes only, of course.

15 sangria recipes with a twist

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Beer sangria

Sangria swirled frozen margaritas

Summer peach & basil sangria

Blackberry vodka sangria

Pomegranate green apple sangria

Mimosa sangria

Pina colada sangria

Pineapple lemonade sangria

Fireball sangria

Caramel apple sangria

Cherry sangria

Sweet tea sangria

Cantaloupe chardonnay sangria

Cucumber melon white sangria

Rainbow sangria


You might also want to go ahead and bookmark this Honeycrisp apple sangria recipe, so you don’t suffer from sangria withdrawal once the fall comes back around.