24 Hours in the Life of Samantha Busch

NASCAR wife, mommy and fitness/lifestyle blogger Samantha Busch is a busy lady. From helping create stylish merchandise for Kyle Busch Motorsports to supporting health and well-being of children through the Kyle Busch Foundation, she doesn’t have much downtime. The Indiana native married driver Kyle Busch in a lavish Chicago ceremony on New Year’s Eve 2010 (the nuptials were featured on The Style Network), but her life extends far beyond the racetrack. Here’s what a typical day is like for this mom and social media maven:

Samantha Busch
Samantha Busch

7:30 a.m. … Wake up to the sound of 10-month-old son Brexton talking in his crib. There is no snooze button with a baby! Brexton can go from babbling to a little cry to a wail in a matter of seconds. I sing him a song, change his diaper and take him to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Samantha Busch, lifestyle blogger, NASCAR
Samantha and 10-month-old Brexton

8 a.m. … Kyle meets us in the kitchen to feed Brex part of his breakfast while I make ours, then we switch roles and I finish feeding Brex while Kyle eats. I eat the same thing for breakfast almost every day. I’m pretty boring. I mix Special K Protein Plus cereal with a high fiber cereal and then I sprinkle flax, chia and hemp seeds on top. I add a handful of blueberries and I generally split a hardboiled egg with Brex. I don’t drink coffee anymore so I am a tea girl, but I need one with as much caffeine as I can get.

9 a.m. … I usually check my phone for the first time while wrapping up breakfast.  The baby is into self-feeding so it takes a very long time for him to eat and in that time I can eat my breakfast, clean up the mess, answer a handful of emails and of course check my social sites.  I like to get through all my emails first, then I like to check Twitter for news and then Instagram. I usually save Facebook for later in the day, or evening and I have recently (2 days ago!) joined Snapchat. I hear I can get my news updates there, but I haven’t learned the app that much yet.

10 a.m. … Workout time. I like to schedule stuff for later in the day, so usually I play with the baby and then get a good workout in. I LOVE working out! It’s my “me” time. I used to work at a gym in high school and was a trainer in college. I used to go to classes, but I found that I get the best workouts on my own at home. My hubs built a gym for us and even installed a barre in it so between DVDs, Pinterest and my own workouts, I have a wide variety. Running is the one thing I don’t like, but besides that I do everything from weights, spin, HITT training, to barre. I love it all and like to mix it up often.

11 a.m. … Get dressed. I plan what I wear at that moment. I like to think of myself as a “moody” dresser — whatever I am feeling like that day is what I go for. Some days it’s a bit edgy, sometimes boho, but if I don’t have the baby with me I can almost always guarantee I will be in heels! My morning routine just depends on whats going on. Obviously if I’m shooting pictures it’s a full makeup and hair day. If I am just running errands I am a top knot/black eyeliner/mascara type of gal. I really enjoy doing hair and makeup — I always have. I have even done makeup for a few of my friends’ weddings, so when I have the opportunity and time I really like to do glam or trendy makeup. I’m a beauty junkie from products to the latest contour or highlight trick, I really enjoy it all.

Kyle Busch, NASCAR, red carpet
Samantha all dressed up with hubby Kyle

11:30 a.m. … Get to work. Some days I head to Kyle Busch Motorsports (our shop) to work on foundation stuff or other things that may be going on there. On other days, I sit down and write blogs, or go take pictures for my site. Other days consist of meeting with various partners we are working with (such as Brides Across America; I am currently designing a wedding dress with them) or running a million errands since we are generally gone Thursday through Sunday every week. This month, we will be on the road 22 days. I guess the biggest thing I can say about my schedule is that it is constantly changing, but always busy.

NASCAR, racing
Brexton, Kyle and Samantha stealing a family moment during a busy schedule

1 p.m. … Lunch! If I’m at home, I really like making us different things: grilled chicken, tofu wraps (Kyle won’t eat these …LOL), boca burgers, chopped salads, really a variety of stuff. We also really like to go to Earthfare for their salad bar because it’s healthy and fresh, and right by Kyle’s employer Joe Gibbs Racing.

3 p.m. … Family time. Afternoons are spent usually as a family since Kyle works on the weekends. We try to take Brexton to the park, or over to spend time with our friends and family. If we both have to go to KBM for meetings we bring Brexton and Lucy (our little 5-pound fluffball) to the shop with us because Brexton loves to see the “vroom vrooms.”

NASCAR, baby, mom
Brexton and mommy Samantha checking out a big pic of daddy up close and personal

6 p.m. Dinner. I really love to cook! My favorites are Mexican and Italian dishes. I share a lot of these on my blogs. I’m lucky because Kyle is pretty adventurous so he will try mostly anything I make (unless it’s over-the-top healthy — read: tofu and kale wraps). We do enjoy a glass of red wine or champagne probably once a week. Since we travel so much we try at least one, if not two nights to go out to see our family and friends. Whether they come over and have dinner at our house or us at theirs, it’s really important with a hectic travel schedule to have that special time with those you love. I would say we try to do a date night with just us, or another couple once a week, or every two weeks. A few of our favorite spots are 5Church and Fahrenheit when we go out. Both offer really delicious and unique menu items and I really like the vibe at both restaurants.  We have held our annual Kyle Busch Foundation charity event at 5Church every year and I can’t say enough about their chef who creates the most unique and beautiful dishes and their staff who are all so friendly. An excellent restaurant close to home is Chillfire.

7 p.m. … Start Brexton’s bedtime routine. Most of our routines right now revolve around Brexton, so we try to make it a point to have dinner as a family, give him a bath and put him to sleep.  A huge routine of mine is my nighttime maintenance. I am a huge believer in never sleeping in makeup. Being a product junkie, as I mentioned, I love trying a good face mask or hair treatment at night.

Mommy, baby, NASCAR, lifestyle blogger
Samantha getting some cuddles from Brex

7:30 p.m. … Brexton goes to bed and Kyle and I get to enjoy a couple of hours of “us” time unless one of us has something big to work on. After the baby goes to sleep we are huge into our shows. Walking DeadHouse of Cards, The Blacklist … there are so many good shows that we love to veg out for a bit.

10 p.m. … Bedtime! Usually I am in bed by 10ish, but usually I can’t fall asleep until 11:30/12.  If I am not working on something, I am reading a good book that I can’t put down! I love murder mysteries and women sleuth series. I have always had trouble turning my mind off at night, so I frequently find myself writing or getting up to jot down ideas once everyone is snoozing. I think my workday really ramps up once everyone else is asleep.

Weekends are for: RACING! We travel Thursday through Sunday 38 weeks out of the year. Our lives revolve around the race schedule and we have been doing it for so long we really don’t know any other way. When we are home for the off-season (basically Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day), we start getting antsy after about two weeks! I love that Brexton and I get to travel with Kyle and support him on the road. We love traveling as a family and carry our home routines right onto the road.  Brexton is a great traveler and it’s nice that even when Kyle is busy racing, we can be a family together in the evenings. Although he is too young to really understand, he loves hanging with Kyle by his race car during driver introductions, and by the look on Kyle’s face I know he loves it too!

NASCAR, motorsports
Kyle Busch and baby Brexton posing for the camera