About this time each year, in the long stretch between Christmas vacation and Spring Break, I start to dream of being stranded on an uncharted isle somewhere. No meetings, no homework, no cell phones. Course that would also mean no blow dryer, no Starbucks, no DVR, so I quickly snap out of it.

One thing you can take with you, anywhere you go, deserted island, hotel room or family room, is Exercise. You don’t need a studio, booty loop or barre to stay fit. We polled Charlotte’s fitness folk about what their Go-To exercise would be if they were stuck on an island in the sea, and we asked them, for good measure, what that island would be. (read all the way down for a special offer from HSM!!)


Lauryn Kobiela, 9 ROUND DILWORTH:
If I was ever stuck on an island my go to exercise would be a burpee with a squat jump. You’re crushing your lower body while working your upper body as well. And if I got got to choose which island I was stranded at it would definitely have to be a deserted island near Fiji!



Island of Choice: Bermuda
Exercise:  burpees to box jumps….I would make a box by fastening branches to coconuts.
Editor’s Pick, best Gilligan’s Island reference.



Justin Gordon, Head Coach, New ORANGETHEORY FITNESS South End
Barbados for my deserted island.
Best exercise: plank jack into knee tucks. It utilizes lateral AND forward movement, strengthens your core and will also increase heart rate.



Myra Simon, FLYBARRE Instructor
If I was stuck on a deserted island, the one exercise I would do to stay in shape would be crunches. Full range with pulses, legs raised, and legs hovering above the ground. Gotta keep that beach bod if you’re stranded on a beach!
If I could choose the island to be stranded on, I would opt for Exuma Island in the Bahamas. It is where my husband and I took our honeymoon, so I will just assume I know the lay of the land. If it’s good enough to film the Pirates of The Caribbean, it’s good enough for me!


From: Kelsey O’Neill, FLYWHEEL Instructor
I would like to be stuck on Cocos island, 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica! It’s rumored to have buried treasure! And, it’s beautiful :).
My exercise would be a jump squat! Gotta keep that booty lookin’ right plus a little bit of cardio is always great. And, it’s two workouts in one, you have to be very practical when stranded on an island, yes?!

Kelsey in Flygear


The ultimate deserted island exercise would have to be the the plank hold. It torches serious core muscles by forcing several muscle groups to engage simultaneously, including abs, glutes, back, calves & thighs. To prevent this static move from getting boring, I never travel without my pilates ring. Seriously, it’s light, small, and easy to toss in a suitcase or carry-on bag. Adding a ring to your plank creates limitless variations and an extra degree of difficulty. Like this Elbow Plank with Donkey Kick Back (Optional Pilates Ring)

• Find a plank hold on elbows, creating a strong line from the top of your head out through the heels, keep abs engaged up towards your spine.
• Stabilize the core and slowly lift the right leg bent with the foot flexed towards the ceiling. On every exhale, pulse/lift the right leg slightly higher- focus on stabilizing the core and isolating this movement- really engaging the right glute & hamstring deeper with each pulse.
• For a more advanced version, add your pilates ring, squeezing deeper on the ring with each exhale.
• after 10 – 15 exhales/squeezes, switch to the other side and repeat.

carly plank with ring



Plank and pushups are two of the most effective exercises you can perform and you can do them anywhere – even on a deserted island – since they require nothing more than a floor and your own body. Proper plank and pushups fire into all four abdominal muscle groups to flatten your tummy and strengthen your back as well as work the muscles in your chest, shoulders and even the front of your legs. The key is maintaining proper alignment while pushing yourself to your edge.

While you can’t take it on an island with no electricity, you can use our Power Plank + Push Up 8 minute video anytime / anywhere to give you the power to get the body you’ve always wanted.

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