24 Hours in the Life of Stylist Erica Hanks

4:30 am…the alarm on my iPhone goes off with the old fashioned telephone ring tone ~ at least on the days I get up to workout early.

4:40 am…one snooze ‘button’ tops. I’m an early riser.

5:10 am…check my phone for the first time. Emails first, then insta and facebook. Twitter usually doesn’t get love until mid day. 

5:30 am…workout with Steve Justice at SmartcoreMondays and Tuesdays it’s SmartCore. Wednesday’s it’s FlyWheel, and Thursdays or Fridays I do HSM. For me, all three of those work out different parts, and I have noticed a difference since I started that combo.

Erica Hanks

6:45 am…Get children ready for the day. I have three kids, 12, 9 and 7, they are pretty self sufficient so the mornings aren’t so bad.. unless we have a meltdown or we all sleep in.

Erica Hanks

Breakfast? I’m really bad about this, I usually don’t eat breakfast and will just do coffee… but lately I’m cutting coffee out, or not having it as frequently. I bought a box of Raisin Bran last week, let’s see if I reach for that in the mornings.

7:30 am…Carpool. Then I usually head back to the house to finish getting dressed for the day.

7:45 am…Daily beauty regimen with SkinCeuticals. I have tried other lines but for my skin SC is the big guns my skin needs to combat wrinkles, adult acne, and collagen loss. From SC, I use the CE Ferulic, A.G.E eye cream, retexturizing serum and daily moisturizer for oily skin.

Blowdry or Pony Tail? BLOWDRY! Are you kidding me? My hair is a crazy ringlet frizz fail that I blow dry straight. But I only wash my hair twice a week. I have a lot of hair and it takes about 30 minutes to blow it out.

8:15 am…The Closet. On a typical day I decide what to wear within the first few minutes. If I have to go to an event there’s more thought into it. For me it’s exciting to put together something in my own closet I haven’t tried before.

Erica Hanks

Erica Hanks

8:45 amUnless I need to see an early morning client, I’m in the office (which is across my driveway) between 8:30-9am. Between breakfast and lunch, it’s all work. Some days I’m with my team and we are working on various projects, or I’m at a clients’ home, or I’m pulling wardrobe. If I have coffee, I always look for local first. Anything but Starbucks. Dilworth Coffee is a favorite, and I’ve been spending a lot of time in NoDa lately for various editorial projects, so it’s been Smelly Cat Coffee.

Erica Hanks

12:30 pm…Lunch. If we are pushing through a project or a task list, we will order something to be brought in, like Panera or Manhatten Bagel Co.; if we are out pulling wardrobe it’s wherever we are that’s close. We are in Southpark a lot for clients so it’s Bricktops on those days. I’m obsessed with their artichoke spinach dip. If I’m on a job, it’s usually whatever is catered or brought in. I’m not picky!

Erica Hanks

2:45 pm…Unless I have a pressing client need, we wrap our day at 2:30-2:45. My family and my kids come first, so I always try to be the one to pick them up from school. I’m pretty blessed with clients who understand, who have children of their own and work around my children’s schedule as much as they can. If I’m on a commercial or editorial job that require a 10-12 hour day, or if I have to go out of town for a job, that flexibility isn’t possible, so I have a great babysitter or even my husband who runs his own business to help me out. Some days it takes a village.

6:00 pmDinner is at home week nights. We have a few of my oldest child’s friends over after school at least three times a week who end up staying for dinner, which I love, because tweens are so funny to me right now. My kids love a chicken casserole I make that is the oldest and most tired recipe from every church recipe book known to exist, but that’s usually in our weekly rotation. Fridays we eat out, kitchen is closed, TGIF! My husband and I go out on a date once a week. Other than that I’m a homebody. If it’s not a date with Ryan, I really don’t like going out at the end of the day. I love being home with my family. They are hilarious and funny and my peeps.

On weekends? On the weekends we try to be at our home in Charleston, and our favorite spot there is Halls Chophouse with friends, because we can smuggle in our own wine. We are so proper and fancy.

7:30 pmWith my kids, all electronics are placed downstairs and not in their rooms. So it’s rounding up those, and we always make sure to spend time in prayer individually with each one before bed, and just talk about what’s on their minds.

8:30 pmwhen the kids are in bed, I’m back to answering emails, securing items for clients, or working on a project. I usually stop all that around 9:30. I’m trying to get better at this, but as of right now it’s the way I work.

11:00 pm…Lights out for me.

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Erica Hanks