You may love to order sweet potato fries at your favorite local burger joint and may have baked them in a casserole for Thanksgiving dinner, but did you know that sweet potatoes can be used to make breads, desserts, salads, smoothies, and even burgers?

Believe it or not, you can even use them to make breakfast!

By incorporating sweet potatoes into those dishes, you’re not only adding a big dose of flavor, you’re also supplying your body with vitamin C (which is necessary for collagen production), vitamin D (which will help to keep your energy levels up during the hectic holiday season), iron, and vitamin B6.

Tip:  Store your sweet potatoes in a dark cabinet or pantry to help them last longer.

32 ways to cook with sweet potatoes

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Cinnamon-crunch sweet potato muffins

Sweet potato banana bites

Sweet potato breakfast hash

Cinnamon apple sweet potato waffles

Garlic-herb roasted sweet potatoes with Parmesan 

Traditional sweet potato with marshmallows

Extra crispy sweet potato wedges

Scalloped sweet potatoes

Rosemary sweet potato stackers

Sweet potato tots with creamy ketchup

Roasted sweet potato salad

Sweet potato and black bean quinoa bowls

Sweet potato, kale and shrimp skillet

Sweet potato black bean burger

Chipotle sweet potato salad

Roasted beet and sweet potato salad (Click here for more recipes with beets.)

This ain’t grandma’s sweet potato casserole

Slow-cooker sweet potato soup with maple bacon


Sweet potato banana bites

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2-ingredient sweet potato cakes

Sweet potato noodles with spinach

Sweet potato and kale grilled cheese sandwiches

Spicy sweet potato chips

Harvest sweet potato pie

Creamy sweet potato soup

Spicy bean and sweet potato burritos

Sweet potato cinnamon roll cake

Sweet potato cheesecake

Sweet potato cookies with browned butter glaze

Sweet potato chocolate chip cookies

Vegan Mexican chocolate sweet potato pudding

Sweet potato pie smoothie

Pecan and sweet potato bread