flywheel member appreciation week

For those of us who are Unlimited Members of FLYWHEEL, the week of 9/28 is going to be a fun-filled, gift-filled extravaganza.   Starting Monday, 9/28 FLYWHEEL is going to be sending Unlimited Members 5 days of 5 gifts, to celebrate the company’s 5 years in existence and to thank their most loyal CLT #FlyFans.

Not a monthly member? It pays to sign up now: They’re giving you 50% off the first month of membership (with a three-month commitment), so click HERE to join in on the fun next week! (Enter code FLYMEMBER50 at checkout.)

If you are buying classes by the credit, and have been looking for a reason to step up and commit, now’s the time.  There are only 14 weeks til New Year’s Eve, after all.
In my personal weight loss algorithm, here’s the calculation for me from November thru January……Total current inches + annual holiday feasting  weekly juice fast + wine instead of vodka super dieter’s tea  ×  no carbs after 5 + no dessert before noon ÷ buying a bigger size + taking that in letting it out again ÷ only weighing in the am × only scale on Mondays never scale on Mondays = why is there no valium anymore.

It’s better just to ride and pulse it out. And an Unlimited Membership is the best way to do it.

Doing that math, you just need to make it to 11 classes each month to save money with an Unlimited Membership vs. the credit path. Here’s the Unlimited pricing, which looks even better with that 50% off the first month of membership…..


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