Hear that? It’s your Spiced Pumpkin Latte reminding you to run off the calories you added with that extra whip.

Fall is almost officially here and Charlotte is prepping for you.  There are races to be won.  Okay, jogged if you are going with me, but none-the-less: sign-up time is here.

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The tan is fading on those gams so it’s time to throw on some of those cute Lulu pants and head out for a run.  Can’t even think of doing such a thing? Can’t do the booty loop in pain any longer? Pain in the knee? No, we aren’t talking about our significant others (this time).  It’s those actual knees.

Time to see what’s crooked.

scoopcharlotte sat down with two of the doctors at OrthoCarolina’s Hip & Knee Center.  They provided  serious scoop about what causes knee pain, and how to heal that pain.  Often with a little weight loss, exercise and physical therapy, knee pain can disappear.

Dr. John Masonis and Dr. Brian Curtin  often see women with a small tear in a knee ligament that can heal with rest and pain management; don’t be hesitant to have your knee pain addressed.  There are ways to go in and repair small tears in the knee through tiny, almost scar-less procedures.  You can be on your way back to your active lifestyle in no-time.

OrthoCarolina wants to keep you active. They treat our bodies so we can go back doing what we love.  Especially if you are a runner – knee pain has to be addressed.  You don’t have to give up on that runner’s high. Or runner’s chill.


The doctors stressed that at OrthoCarolina they do the following when evaluating your pain to determine the right solution for you:

  1. Symptom-based diagnosis
  2. Determine cause of pain.  Arthritis or Injury?
  3. Relieve pain with medication if neccessary
  4. Set a recovery plan with quad strengthening exercises to do at home
  5. Look to do an x-ray if injury related
  6. Set a follow-up




What if your pain is more severe?  What if the doctor determines that you might have a chronic condition like arthritis? Will you have to live with pain for the rest of your life?  NO!

The incredible news is that there are options!  The doctors can talk to you about cortisone shots and even replacing the knee joint.  This will put you on the pain-free track again.  Can you imagine?

Yes, chronic issues are more serious. Women see chronic knee pain starting in their early 40s.  It can hold us back from exercising but it can also hold us back from life.  Your knees are the weight-bearing powerhouse joints that you use in numerous movements every day.

There is no science to say that running causes arthritis. None. But is your pain chronic? Or is it more like you have recently stressed that knee on an overzealous hike up Crowder’s mountain? There’s a difference.  If you aren’t sure: you need to be evaluated at OrthoCarolina’s Hip & Knee center.  Life is too short to be sidelined.


  • Are nine board-certified hip and knee surgeons specializing in total joint replacement
  • Perform more than 3,500 Total Hip & Knee replacements each year, in addition to more than 600 revision hip and knee procedures
  • Authored and published more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles on joint replacement surgery and more than 30 book chapters on joint replacement surgery
  • Have been awarded the prestigious Ranawat and Insall awards numerous times for the best scientific research in hip and knee replacement at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
  • Have three members of the Knee Society and two member of the Hip Society, a selected group of the top hip and knee replacement surgeons in the world
  • Are actively involved in the development of joint replacement implants and surgical techniques for hip and knee replacement surgery



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