A few weeks ago, we brought you a round-up of our favorite LKN desserts – but wait, we’ve got one more to add. Whit’s Frozen Custard of Davidson opened on Monday, August 18th and it’s ridiculously delicious.


Those of you from the Northeast and Midwest may be familiar with similar frozen custard shops (Kohr’s and Rita’s), but for those who don’t know – frozen custard is similar to ice cream, but even richer and creamier. How do they do that? Frozen custard is made with a small amount of pasteurized eggs and a special technique that allows for minimal air to get into during production. The finished product is nothing short of divine.


Whit’s Frozen custard comes in 3 fresh flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and flavor of the week. (this week is mint chocolate chip) However, you can create your own flavor, or “Whitser” by adding in fresh fruit, nuts, candy, or favorites such as hot fudge and marshmallow topping. For those feeling especially decadent, there’s specialties like the Brownie Blitz and frozen custard cakes.




Is your mouth watering yet? Head over to Whit’s to get your frozen custard fix – don’t forget to tell them you saw them on scoopTheLake!