Parent Financial: Plan For What Matters Most…Your Family

Becoming a parent means lots of different things.  One thing is for sure: it’s expensive and overwhelming. All of a sudden it matters if you have planned well for the future. It’s no longer about the just the two of you.




Have you looked at what your financial situation is regarding starting a family or having another child? What exactly does that mean, right? Are you just a little afraid to even know?

Or, do you already have children and can’t figure out where to start?

Are you an empty-nester looking to lessen the burden of your retirement decisions for your children?

Look no further: Parent Financial can lead the way.  As a team of certified financial planners and advisors, they customize solutions and provide guidance for families.  They do the heavy lifting = they are under one roof and get all the nuts and bolts lined up for you.  They provide a safe environment to ask anything you need to.

Court Creeden, Founder and Financial Advisor, is passionate and determined about educating families.  After seeing close friends left with financial burdens after tragedies, his mission is to help others prepare for the unknown.

Court Creeden, Founder
Court Creeden, Founder

Parent Financial‘s attention to family is ideal because they educate on matters that can seem overwhelming or outright daunting.  Who wants to think about a WILL of all things?!  And LIFE INSURANCE? What about saving for college?  You only need a 529, yes?  There’s so much more to it than that.  Everyone should be saving different amounts in the best ways to reach their personalized goals.

  • Did you know that if you have too much money in a 529 that your child might not qualify for student aid?

As parents, we promise to care for our children. We vow to make sure they have the best…  Keep them safe and warm… Teach them right from wrong. And of course, hold their hand crossing the street.

Parent Financial is here to hold the hands of parents.  It’s hard to stop and take care of certain matters in the middle of all other responsibilities.  Or, you may not feel that you can afford to put funds aside for anything but the essentials. Protecting your family financially IS essential. Mr. Creeden says, “you wouldn’t come home from the hospital without knowing how the carseat needs to be installed, or where the baby is going to sleep. Financial matters are just as important”.

Let Parent Financial help.



Parent Financial has developed a unique process to help parents protect their family and plan for every step along the way. Each family starts in Foundational Planning. Parents do not pay a fee for any aspect of planning.

Topics include:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Disability Income
  3. Insurance
  4. Investment Portfolio Analysis
  5. Monthly budgeting (Cash Flow Management)
  6. Emergency Fund
  7. Wills/Trusts
  8. Property & Casuality Insurance Review

You are part of an initial 3-part meeting structure (involving all heads of household):

  • Meeting#1: Consultation to discuss goals
  • Meeting#2: Cash worksheet/budget, wills, insurance, investments review
  • Meeting#3: Recommended plan of action

After these steps, your advisor will help you keep your goals and advise you along the way.

Mr. Creeden hears a lot of parents’ desires to increase savings, often with investing in a retirement account. He often suggests a strategy to build up your savings and pay off debt, and ease up on retirement fund for a while.

He uses “buckets” to explain:  The 1st bucket of money he describes as being held close to you, needed for short-term expenses.  If you don’t have enough in this bucket, you could end up dipping into retirement funds resulting in penalties.  Then he suggests working towards the house and family bucket, and thirdly, building the retirement bucket, the one farthest from you, in theory.

Parent Financial helps you navigate doing all of this in the right amount of time and using the best tools to do so. They see success when you do.

Once you have the foundation/plan of action in place, Parent Financial is there to advise you and your family throughout the years. As your children and family grows, changes, faces new challenges and financial ups and downs, they will sit down with you quarterly and help you with:

  1. College Savings Plan
  2. Investment Management
  3. Advanced estate planning
  4. Tax reduction strategies
  5. Retirement planning
  6. Cash management strategies
  7. Insurance analysis and update
  8. Wealth Management

One of the BEST things about Parent Financial is that they are able to work step-by-step with you to make all the right choices using whichever products work best.  They have 60 different insurance companies and thousands of products they can suggest. They aren’t bound to any one particular fund or group.  You really do receive customized advice.  They aren’t selling certain products – they have an open architectural setting.  Meaning, they have the freedom to suggest what’s best for each family. Truthfully.

Parent Financial also provides transparency to all accounts in one easy-to-access online tool.  Their tool allows any authorized account user to view and run reports keeping everyone in-the-loop with financial matters.  Having visibility can provide open communication families need.

Parent Financial has created the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about them and their process, your needs and how they can meet those needs.  FREE monthly classes for new parents at area healthcare facilities. 

Upcoming Class Schedule:



  • August 22 – 10:00am (Matthews)
  • September 16 – 6:00pm (Presbyterian Medical Center)
  • October 10 – 10:00am (Huntersville)
  • November 21 – 10:00am (Presbyterian Medical Center)
  • December 12 – 10:00am (Matthews)


  • August 15 – 10:00am
  • October 17 – 10:00am
  • December 5 – 10:00am


  • Please call for class dates and times at this location




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