Wouldn’t it be great if you could work your abs while sitting at your desk? With summer coming up, many of us are hitting the gym before the office and doubling up on weekend workouts. You’ve probably used the stability ball at the gym, but did you know you could benefit just by sitting on it?

Switching from a traditional office chair to a stability ball chair encourages you to have better posture and increased core strength. The stability ball forces you to use more of your core muscles, which leads to increased muscle tone over time (hello, crop-top). It also results in an increased calorie burn of approximately 4 calories/hour, or 160 per week.

So why not give it a try? The best models look cool, are fun to sit on, and having a piece of exercise equipment in your office might inspire you to work out on your break instead of hitting the vending machine. Warning: a stability ball chair can be a big adjustment so experts recommend starting with 1-2 hours/day until your muscles have gotten used to it.

Happy toning!