1. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a light/healthy meal before you go. Try to avoid eating stuff that makes you feel bloated or puffy – you want to be your own best model. The gown-trying can be stressful and a bit tiring. You’ll need some extra energy.

2. Go clean and well-groomed. You will be nearly naked in a dressing room with your consultant, so you want to be showered, shaved, etc. Plus, you want to have decent hair and at least some “face on” so you can get a sense of what the gown will look like on The Big Day. But not so much FACE on that you smear cosmetics all over the gowns. Blush or Powder, gloss, waterproof mascara, in case something is so pretty, it makes you weep.

3. Wear decent under things. Also, the right bra and spanx really do give a smoother, better line and view of the gown. They’re not called foundations for nothin’.

4. Wear comfortable high heeled shoes. If possible – close to the height you think you’ll wear to your wedding. Sample size gowns are long, and you will get a much better vision with some heel height.

5. Have your budget and don’t deviate more than 15% or so from it if you can help it. Be clear about what you can spend to the consultant and she will show you gowns in your price range. They will likely have already gathered this info from you when you called to make your appointment.

6. Have pics or an idea of what styles you like or have been dreaming of. But also be prepared to make use of your consultant’s extensive experience. She will know:

  • what looks good on your body type & at your age
  • the best in your price range
  • what works for your location – outside? indoors?
  • what gowns move freely for dancing, if that’s a priority for you and
  • what gowns make the best photos if that’s your priority.

7. Bring a friend who will give it to you straight. And again, be prepared to ask for and listen to your consultant’s advice on what gowns will work best for the type of wedding you’re planning.

8. Ask before you bring your camera. Some salons do not allow photos of you in their dresses. Not that you don’t take gorgeous pics.

9. If you know you will be using heirlooms or specific jewelry, consider bringing them or bring photos. If you know what type of veil or hair style you will have, well, be sure to tell your consultant that as well. They really do want their brides to be beautiful, and they’ll do everything they can to help you get there.

10. Be prepared to pay when you order. Most salons require payment up front. So make sure you have enough credit on your card to foot the bill, or make sure Daddy Warbuck’s gives you his platinum.

Do you have any things you plan to do for your gown appointment(s)? Any thing you did that we missed that you want to share? Please comment below!