Color. When we think of summer, we think of warmth and vibrancy… and rich color all around us.

Whether you spend your summer laying out on a towel for long hazy afternoons, busily running around town in short skirts and sexy gladiators, or attending warm-evening weddings perfectly coifed and at ease… everything is sexier with pretty nails.

This is the season that demands a perfect mani and pedi.

In case you missed it, Varji&Varji is offering Scoop readers a special for that reason:


Summertime in general demands a good mani because the looks are so simple and less layered, they need something to polish them up.  

This is an especially cool season for nails due to the especially cool color palette on the fashion scene.


Here we have light blue and green among the new neutrals, and amazingly vibrant “pops” of strong color that can be mixed and matched fearlessly.

Color is everything. It puts you in a mood. It can predict or capture zeitgeist. This is the year and the season to be bold and fresh and juicy with color. You want to ditch boring, safe Ballerina pink this summer and take a cue from some of Fashion Week’s standouts.  Just click the pic to purchase the new lacquer of your summer!

Explode with the daring energy of Freesia and Celosia Orange like at Rachel Roy:

Le Metier de Beaute Limited Edition at Neiman's

Le Metier de Beaute Limited Edition at Neiman’s

Blossom with the vivacious pop of Cayenne:

dont stop believin - neimans

Don’t Stop Believin at Neiman’s

lancome - nordys

Lancome Collection at Nordstrom

…making for an endlessly sexy yet fresh summer look:

There’s Siriano sultry:

orgasm - nars -

“Orgasm” at Nordstrom

"Coral Beach"

“Tom Ford’s Coral Beach at Neimans”

And garden party with an edge from EMERSON:

nordstrom - she drives me crazy

She Drives Me Crazy – Nordy’s

flowers in her hair - nords

“Flowers In Her Hair”



Switch in this pale Placid Blue/Violet Tulip in place of your plain old standby pale pink. Its creamy yet cool:

Assert “Boss” with the Dazzling Blue of SAUNDER…


No 18 Bleu Majorelle


“Splish Splash”

And finally, dominate like Radiant Orchid. Color of the year.



“Vernis Mirage”

Blending both cool and warm undertones, this purple is an appealing hue for distinctive combinations and flattering to many hair, eye and skin tones.” – Pantone Color Institute.

Radiant Orchid - Color of 2014

Radiant Orchid – Color of 2014

Check out the evolved orchid-like French Mani at the Wes Gordon show:

 As Prabal Gurung says,

“Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.” 

This summer, complete your look of cutoffs and graphic tees with a pop of the latest take on color.