Meet this Charlotte business: ColsenKeane Leather

It’s all about the bag.

Scott Hofert, founder and head leather smith, of Colsen Keane Custom Leather Goods  has found his passion. A passion for leather and creating great bags. Scott traveled the world for his job (40 countries in 25 years) and was always in pursuit of the perfect bag. Not being able to find it, he created it…starting with an Ipad cover.

A self confessed Apple junkie who stood in line for the first iPhone, Scott awaited Apple’s new invention—THE iPad. When his beautifully naked iPad arrived, it needed a cover.  Not being able to find one– the market had not caught up the technology—he made one. A simple leather “sheath”. His wife encouraged him to put one on ETSY (smart woman) and he spent the next year filling orders out of his house. The iPad cover lead to a satchel, a tote, a belt and more. Three years ago he officially opened Colsen Keane Custom leather Goods  which is named after his two sons. A thriving small business located in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

There is a market for items that last, age well, and can be handed down. When I interviewed Scott he said, “the bag becomes way more important than the items it’s carrying”. A sentimental object with a patina that only time can create. A bag with a story. For this reason, I think it makes a beautiful gift (Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Graduation).   Scott explains “that satchel you use to trek through the streets of NYC on your way to a board meeting will be the same bag carrying your daughter’s books across her university campus. They’ll want it not just because it is a great accessory but because YOU weathered it, used it and hand-etched your mark on it”.

Colsen Keane Leather products are made here in Charlotte, nothing is outsourced. Since the bags are hand-stitched they aren’t as sophisticated as ones made by machines. That’s part of the appeal. A unique, durable bag built to travel with you, study with you, grow old with you, out last you. Scott admits the minimalist design isn’t for everyone, but “if you don’t want what everyone else has, this is the bag for you”.  Visit he design studio/ showroom or find them online.

Colsenkeane studio
Studio/Showroom located in Plaza Midwood

Colsenkeane owner
Scott Hofert, leather smith and founder of Colsen Keane

Colsenkeane Ipad case
Ipad Sheath

Colsenkeane studio 2
Hides-ready for custom creations

Colsenkeane leather workers
Leather smiths create templates

Colsenkeane workroom
Colsen Keane enjoys the custom design process.

Colseankeane momogram

Colsenkeane bag
Beautifully rugged leather

Colsenkeane journal
For the writer

Colsenkeane belt

colsenkeane satchel black
The Traveler $375.00

ColsenKeane Tote in Natural
The Tote $475.00

Colsenkeane MacBookPro
Ipad Air Sheath $115.00

Colsenkeane gift wrap
Even the gift wrapping has a leather bow

Colsen Keane Logo


 [email protected]


 1318 Central Ave, Suite A9, Charlotte, NC 28205



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