cronutThis is the Kardashian of food trends.  And by that we mean, way over the top and way too much press for their own good.

Cronuts are essentially a cross between the croissant and the donut, invented by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. To quote Grub Street NY, they’re “made from pastry dough that’s been sheeted, laminated, proofed, then fried like a doughnut and rolled in flavored sugar,” and then “filled with a not-so-sweet Tahitian vanilla cream, given a fresh coat of rose glaze, and bedazzled with rose sugar.”  Mais oui.  But of course.

Once introduced last May, these sugary fat bombs soon generated enough mania to be scalped on craigslist , tweeted by famous chefs like Eric Ripert and celebs like Heidi Klum,  and in their own Week In Review on  By mid-June, poseurs and copycats around the globe were trying to steal the trademarked CRONUT name and concept.   Here is the complete coverage of CRONUTS on, where they clearly have much time on their hands. And perhaps much sugar.

Just when we were getting ready to tweet to Food Truck Fridays to find out where the heck are the QC CRONUTS, a scandal erupts when a Cronut seller in Toronto is shut down for apparently taking things a bridge too far with the CANADIAN CRONUT BURGER and possibly food-poisoning dozens.  Not funny, of course.  But seriously.  This is the craziest craze we have ever heard of.

And yet, we kind of want to try one.  Anybody game?  #yolo #cronuts right?  Where can we get one in Charlotte?  Don’t tell me we have to drive to Asheville or Charleston.