Let’s talk bumps, those lovely baby bumps.

Styling while expecting can be daunting…especially during that in-between, I-look- chubby-not-pregnant phase. How do you pull it off and hold on to your own personal style with a growing babe expanding your waist line? Well, actually…it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be quite simple and fun.  I have never felt as beautiful and stylish as I did while pregnant. I kid you not. Let me share my tips…

First tip: find a bodystyler of some sort- the Blanqi is my personal favorite. It will help to shape your belly, making clothes look and feel better fitted- they also enable you to wear your non-maternity bottoms longer.

Second tip: You don’t have to solely wear maternity clothes! Look for materials that have some stretch to them- knits fabrics, etc. Certain styles with a little bit of extra room can also work- straight shift dresses, flowy tops and the likes.

So…I ventured into two boutiques in the area,  Summerbird and Cottage Chic, in order to find maternity-friendly looks to share with you.

*disclaimer: I am not pregnant. I stuffed a Belly Band with a pillowcase. Can you tell??*

Summerbird look #1: don’t be afraid of  geometric prints- this top made the bump look fun & trendy.

Summerbird look #2: a white flowy blouse with black denim- the black slimmed, while the white kept it fresh

Summerbird look # 3: this comfy striped shirt dress is a yes- psst…stretchy fabric.

Summerbird look #4: This light-weight tunic top is perfect for keeping cool during those hot Summer months

Cottage Chic look #1: Yep, it’s another shirt dress. I can’t help it. They are great for pregnancy. This one’s a bold print that says “I’m pregnant!!…and rocking it!”

Cottage Chic look #2: any top that drapes and flows like this one just asks to be on a mama-to-be. It’s super flattering.

(can you tell it’s totally a fake bump yet? It looked almost lumpy in that last one)

Cottage Chic look #3: Holy sheath dress. This is a must. Spring or Summer wedding anyone?

Cottage Chic look #4: this statement making, A-line dress is a great fit for that growing bump.

…my  babe was intrigued by the fake bump and snuck in for a shot…

There you have it.

Styling when expecting is really just  all about  finding the right materials and styles- ones that can totally work  for that in-between phase…and sometimes throughout an entire pregnancy!

I should be back with more maternity styling tips & pieces found at local Charlotte boutiques in the near future, so make sure to pop in again soon.

-Cams of Life in Mod