The Gifting Challenge: Shopping for Molly Grantham of WBTV.

by Leigh Ann Young

Scoopcharlotte offered to help WBTV news anchor Molly Grantham find a Christmas gift for her step mom, Jean Grantham. Jean  has great taste and is the “go to” person in the family for style advice.  She enjoys entertaining  and adores her 2 grandchildren. Jean knows what she likes and, generally, already has it. She loves jewelry, home decor and interior design. Our limit is $100.00.

I accepted the mission, tucked my notebook and camera into my bag and headed straight to The Villa  Shops, 715 Providence Rd.

My first stop was Meredith Jackson Jewelry Design.  This jewelry boutique is a little hidden gem located on the second floor of The Villa . Meredith’s designs are elegant and timeless.  Jean “loves jewelry” so I can’t go wrong here!

The very first piece I saw was this white freshwater pearl and labordorite bracelet ON SALE! A one-of-a-kind bracelet originally priced at $150.00-sale price $90.00! This bracelet is beautiful and playful. Every woman loves pearls and these are on sale.

Another choice is this white freshwater pearl and polished citrine bracelet on sterling silver for $100.00. Its at the tippy top of my budget, but Jean knows style and I think she would appreciate how exquisite  this bracelet is.

Meredith is known for her earrings. I found these black crystal and pearl earrings for $50.00. A classic look with a little dangle. She could wear these with anything.

Feeling good about my mission so far, I headed to the ever tranquil and inviting furnishings boutique, Isabella. Erin Dougherty, owner of Isabella, is my home decor consultant so I know she can help me find something for Jean.

An Italian herringbone throw in coral pink is a stylish way to snuggle up. It is unbelievably soft, comes in many colors,and is machine washable. All that for $85.00!

 One of these Stephanie Johnson bags would be a great way for Jean to carry her jewelry and such. The Prague collection is an elegant turquoise brocade with chocolate lining. These range from $40.00-$76.00.

I love getting a special body cream for Christmas. At Isabella I discovered Moroccan Amber by Nest.   It’s an exotic combination of  patchouli, bergamot and eucalyptus. Guess what…Nest makes a candle in Moroccan Amber too!  The body cream is $32.00 and the small candle is $17.00. Molly could get the body cream and a candle without going over budget, or put some body cream in a Stephanie Johnson bag!

Across from Isabella is Decade. If you haven’t been in this store yet….I don’t know what you are waiting for.   It is full of interesting  furniture and accessories. I know I can find some options in here for Jean since she is “in the know” about home decor.

Leave it to Decade to find the most beautiful  hand-blown glass ornaments. They are literally a piece of art for your tree. This is a gift Jean will pull on her tree  every year and think of Molly. Small $25.00 Large $45.00.

Another jewelry option is this collection of buffalo horn bracelets. First of all, they are square and I love that! Second, a set of 7 is $40.00 and I really LOVE that!

I saw it from across the room. This vivid turquoise blue Siri Vase is stunning ,and practical too because the clay is fired twice to create a water tight vessel.  It is just under my budget limit at $90.00. If Molly gets this one she really should buy Jean a few stems of her favorite flower to put in the vase upon opening.

I have one more stop, Stilo, which is located on the lower level of The Villa. Stilo means “style” in Italian—I googled that. Jean would be a regular in this store if she lived in the area. Stilo is a design studio and boutique recently opened by Interior Design, Elizabeth Mydosh.

Jewelry for the table!  These glass flower napkin holders are perfect for entertaining.  I’m thinking Jean has some linen napkins and can probably set a mean table. $12.00 each

By far the most interesting votives I have ever seen. They beg for a second look and a third and then I had to pick one up. The candle light reflecting on the warm gold inside of the votive is dazzling.  Adding ambiance to any room at  $18.75 each.

Flowers on the table or mantel every day. Truly elegant flower candle holders that look like mercury glass family heirlooms. They are $42.00 each.

Mission Accomplished! I close my notebook and put my camera away.

As I drive from The Villa Shops, I know I found some great options for Molly’s Gift Challenge. I can’t wait to see what she chooses.

The Villa Shops - Find them at 715 Providence Road

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  1. Leigh Ann,

    What great finds! The Villa Shops are such a great stop with these talented owners that seek out one of a kind and unique items. While most of these are known as high end, thank you for highlighting the great finds for less than $100. I encourage other shoppers to look for those special people on their list and then when they need the showstopper for themselves, they will know where to find it.

    I am a big fan of Elizabeth Mydosh’s interior design work and this has been translated into her space at Stilo in the Villa Shops. She is truly a talented visionary and artist. One of the best Charlotte has to offer.

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