The Scoop on Flywheel.

Have you heard about the new cycling studios in town?  Flywheel.  Maybe so, they’ve been getting a lot of buzz.  And maybe you’ve wondered, like I did, seriously, how great can a spinning / cycling studio be?

There are no words.  Flywheel just plain ROCKS.

If you love an athletic, high-energy, crazy-efficient workout, then you will love Flywheel.  If you love to burn 600+ calories in a compact 45 minutes, you will love Flywheel.  If you love to run, but worry about the impact, you will love Flywheel.  If you love cardio and loud, rocking music while you workout, you will love Flywheel.  And if you already love spinning, then you will want to marry Flywheel.

Do I sound like a convert?  Yes indeed-y.  Flywheel is the busy man or woman’s best friend – you are literally in and out in 45 minutes.  You reserve your bike online ahead of time, so you know right where to go when you get there.   They provide pretty much everything you need on site in the studio…, water, towels, showers, lockers.  Even deodorant, hair bands and hair pins in the ladies room. (and yes, you will need them all).  There’s plenty of parking so even that is easy in-and-out.  And I can’t imagine there is much that’s more efficient in terms of calories burned per minute and aerobic benefits.  Flywheel is Cardio with a capital C.

Flywheel is not for sissies.  Except for you and me that is.  You really can do the workout at your own pace.  The lights in the cycling studio are very dim, and no one could tell how hard you are riding even if they wanted to.  Which trust me, they do not.  They are totally absorbed by their own ride.   I am building up to being able to do just ONE of the cycle songs at the level recommended by the instructor.  After that, I’ll try to add another and another.  For now, since I am a beginner, I do what I can and leave a sweaty, happy camper.

You can read all about Flywheel here at their website.  Their Cotswold studio is in the shopping center across from St. Gabe’s at the corner of Prov Rd and Sharon Amity.

I seriously mean it, I want you to go.  Try it, you will love it.  Pinky swear.  If you feel like you are totally too lame to keep up, then look for me, cuz I promise I am lamer.  It’s a blast.




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