Whole Foods Charlotte Grand Opening deals & events.

The long-awaited, much anticipated, long overdue opening of Charlotte’s first Whole Foods Market is finally here.
You probably are already familiar Whole Foods, but just in case you aren’t, in short, it’s a huge natural and organic (and gourmet) market, but so much more fun and food-tastic than that sounds.  I’m not going into a long story about their story….(you can read up here if you need to). Suffice to say in addition to the expected natural and organic groceries, produce, household, pet, beauty, and bulk foods, you’ll find a gourmet cheese and charcuterie selection, a bakery and cakery, a sushi bar, salad bar, olive bar, make-your-own-trail mix bar, juice and smoothie bar, coffee and gelato bar (18 house made gelatos), a beer/wine bar as well as a wine tasting loft with wines “on tap”, a cooking school and several places to hang and eat.  An on-staff nutritionist.  And free WiFi.

They’re opening with a free breakfast starting at 8 am, mostly to keep you distracted while you wait to get in.  There’s a break-breaking ceremony at 8:30 which is their version of a ribbon-cutting.  And then the doors will open.  Check out the FREE deals they’re offering their first month of biz.

whole foods coupons for September!

If you missed the G.O.,  head over on Friday for their happy hour Feta Cheese Barrel opening & tasting at 5 pm.  Or Saturday for their Kids Pasta making workshops – check out their Facebook page here to keep up with all the fun.

I did snap some pics, below, of the food stuffs I love at the preview tour yesterday – you can tell where my priorities are.

Whole Foods Charlotte cheese selection

Whole Foods Charlotte cheese section

John David serving it up at the Beer & Wine Queens Corner

Whole Foods Charlotte cheese and charcuterie platter - you can order these for parties, dinner, etc.

the Whole Foods beer buddy program - fun idea. check it out.

cupcakes from the Whole Foods Market Bakery


Whole Foods is definitely a favorite scoopcharlotte store – I’ve spent a lot of time at them shopping and hanging.  Though most of that has been in the New Orleans store on Magazine St. — you know, the one Brad Pitt shops in.  Hence the hanging around factor.  I’ll be setting up shop at this one soon and hoping for some similar eye candy.  See you there.




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