Nails for spring/summer 2012 are either super demure or super duper.
No matter which way you go, the shape is not the way to make your manicure mark for the coming months.  The shape of nails this season is simple…..1) very short (my favorite look) or  2) longer but either subtly square, squ-oval or subtly oval.  Subtle being the key.
Why so subtle?  Cuz you’re either doing a super demure pale neutral or you’re doing a super duper color or finish.  And like everything in fashion or beauty, when one feature gets dialed up, the others need to be toned down.  (Don’t believe us?  Take a look at these shots from NYMag from the fall runway.  Short is the word).

Photo’s are the best way to show you the trends for 2012, so here we go.  First up – the new FrenchNeutral with a dark tipOur resident expert on nail art, Kendra Marlow from Modern Salon and Spa Birkdale shows a great version with a navy tip and we pulled a few others for inspiration.

french with navy tips and a neutral nail from Modern Salon and Spa

cnd gold french tips on neutral nail

the glitter guide has pale pink nails with glitter tips

mad mani's version of the neutral french with dark tip.

Behnaz Sarafpour NYFW nails via

Next step toward the wild is OMBRE NAILS. These have been hot for a few seasons (see our post here from last spring). What’s new for spring? Which we LOVE? Paler and neutral ombres.

Essie "Little Brown Dress" and "As Gold As It Gets" at Pamela Love.

Nude ombre nails from CBD shows ombre with bright pink ends

Noticeable nail art is dying down in the fashion-y circles, but there are still plenty of local ladies sporting high design on their nails. From the new “caviar nails” to glitter to dots to “diamonds”, here are a few of the more avant-garde looks from Modern Salon and the interwebs.

turquoise with black glitter from Modern Salon and Spa

the caviar manicure from Fashionista

black caviar nails from ciate via

nail art from Tumblr

Kate Spade New York

black nails with diamond nail from Modern Salon and Spa

sequined nails at DSquared

Missed our post last week about Nail colors for spring & summer?  Here is it is.


Speaking of HOT TRENDS, Want to create your own Katniss style flame nails and braided hair?  Here.

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