Wedding Cake Inspiration.

Mmmmm, cake. The wedding cake is the centerpiece of most modern American wedding receptions, and what a sweet centerpiece it is! Besides filling the role of dessert course for the reception meal, the wedding cake acts as a large decoration, often matching the color scheme or other decor of the wedding.
There has been a trend as of late to substitute the traditional wedding cake with other sweet treats, such as pies, cupcakes, or cake pops. Despite the popularity of this trend, today we’ll just focus on the more traditional tiered cake. We’ll devote a whole post in the future to wedding cake alternatives!
To start, let’s take a look at some classic all-white cakes.

All white cakes can make quite a statement, especially if made to emulate the bride’s gown. All three cakes above are stunning, relying more on texture than color for their “wow” factor.
Next, some cakes with color!

For an extra pop, these cakes all rely on icing, fondant, or gumpaste flowers. They can be intricate (such as the brown and white beauty on the left) or simple (like the cute ruffled cake on the right).

A black and white wedding can make for a truly striking cake as well.

Whether simple, like the sweet anemone cake on the left, or intricate, like the big and bold cake to the right, black and white will always be an eye-catching combination.

Now for some sparkle! Many bakers can add some bling to your cake, whether it’s edible (again, fondant or gumpaste with sparkly sugar) or brooch details like the sweet guy in the center up there.

As stunning as edible gumpaste flowers can be, they can take the price of the cake and send it up, up, up. To avoid soaring prices for your cake, consider a simple design with real flowers, like the ones shown above.

Birds are a classic decoration, and the cakes above show some great different ways to incorporate a birdie theme. The cake in the middle is my personal all-time favorite!

A cake doesn’t have to be intricate or heavily embellished to still make a statement. Consider the simple sweets shown above – the one on the far right is decorated with paper!

Sometimes a really big cake is a necessity – if you have a large reception, you need dessert for everyone there! But if you’re having an intimate wedding, a small cake can still be elegant and reflect your tastes. Check out the adorable little cakes above!

Finally, some different ideas The minimalist cake on the far left makes a big statement even without a lot going on. The middle design incorporates the bride and groom’s vows. On the far right? Kinda crazy, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself. Talk about colorful!

So what kind of cakes do you love? Do tell.  Simple and elegant, or over the top? We didn’t even get into flavors here, which could be a whole different post. Let’s not talk too much about that, or we’ll all need some cake and a glass of milk. Mmmm, cake….

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