This Week’s Gift Guide: Shopping for the Trickier Victims.

Some people are just hard to buy for.  Either because of their position or role in your life (boss, therapist, dad’s new wife), because everyone gives them something little & affordable already (teachers, coaches, trainers) or because they are just plain hard to find the right gift for (in-laws, teenage boys, preteen girls, snooty neighbors).  Here are some random items we found for the random folks in your life.

Your Boss if she’s a Woman

The taupe cashmere TEXTING GLOVES from B.D.Jeffries in Morrison Shops.  $75 and unlike the kids’ raga-mittens that look like you just pulled them off some hobo, these elegant full fingered gloves have small openings in each finger tip to allow for elegant, full sentence texting.  The pic doesn’t do them justice.  Go by and see.

Your Boss if you are sucking-up

Stingray iPhone Cover from BDJeffries In Morrison $125

Your Boss if he’s a Man.  Also works for your mother’s new husband.

silver & rattan frame from BDJeffries $85

 A teenage boy.  Or your Boss if you don’t like him.

Framed Spider, Tarantula, Bats and More $50-$80 at City Art Works

Your husband or your son, if he’s a natty prepster with a wink, or if you wish he were.

Smathers and Branson Needlepoint belts ($195)& fobs at BD Jeffries.

Your kid’s teacher, if you think you may need the extra credit.

Words to Live By signs at City Art Works, priced from $12 to $56.

Your Husband’s New Boss & Wife at your 1st Office Holiday Party.

toast in 6 languages wine glasses from NM $65

Your Mother In Law, Sisters In Law, Therapist, Sisters. It’s All in the Picking on this one.

One or more Sid Dickens at city art works $80 each

 Your best girl-friend if you are over 40.  Your mom if you are not.

eye bobs reading glasses from BDJeffries mostly around $100

A unique, go-to nice one for a favorite female.

The QC Crown Kula Kai necklace exclusively at The Pink Hanger - Under $50

A go-to affordable keeper for the friend who loves her house.

feather wreaths from BDJeffries $40-$45


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