Latest Update on Missoni for Target

WEEK OF 10/3 UPDATE. And Heads will roll. With the madness almost over, Target’s executive vice-president and chief marketing officer Michael Francis announced his resignation, per WWD today. His job? To oversee all of Target’s marketing and advertising and the store’s website.

Week of 9/19 UPDATE: Buyers are definitely not going to get all they ordered on Some pieces are expected to be delivered and some will not. Many have not gotten their purchases.

4:45 PM Friday, 9/16 UPDATE:   Just when you thought it was safe for your Missoni for Target order.

Hot news on our favorite source,, that lots of folks who had actually been ABLE to order their Missoni for Target online have gotten an email from Target HQ saying that their order may be delayed for up to a month, or even canceled.   Buh-mer.  Our only hope is that somehow some of these canceled purchases will be those of the carpet-baggers who stripped the stock to sell it (or try to sell it) at huge mark-ups on e-bay.  Now that would be a zig we could zag with.  Read the story on here.

9 AM 9/15 UPDATE – Now It’s Just Getting on My Nerves:
Other than the fact that I got to be on TV (here’s that link), this Missoni Mishegoss is starting to make me tired.  Now people are selling their Missoni for Target items on e-bay for practically as much as you can buy the real deal.  Trust me ladies, there is NO comparison in quality.  If you are going to pay in the hundreds for Missoni, why not buy some M Missoni?  See here what Fashionista found on E-bay selling for up to 100 times original retail.

9 AM 9/14 UPDATE – After the Meltdown:

Drive-by shopping, facebook checking and online scoping says most Charlotte locations are sold out on women’s clothing and shoes (except swim & lingerie), sold out on most girls sizes in clothing (more available online than in stores),  and sold thru on lots but not all housewares. The South Blvd store at Carolina Pavillion had some stock left, zig zag flats and clothing being returned as I was there. I’m told on Facebook that the Blakeney store had plenty of the grey pumps left.   And the Mooresville store is purported to be in better shape than most if Missoni outweighs Mileage for you.  Word from the employees? There will be new deliveries – this Friday and next Wednesday.  But call first.
Finally, never fear, lots of stuff will be returned to your local tar-jay. Just bide your time.

6 PM 9/13 UPDATE:

Target’s online crashed this morning and repeatedly through out the day. It’s still offline even as we speak. At one point, Target was taking call-in orders and then had to discontinue that as their internal systems were crashing. Word from shopping scouts in the field is that most stores in Charlotte and all around the US were depleted by early afternoon.

Per the Washington Post, Target is planning to replenish some merchandise over the next few days, but it will trickle in. “Some shoppers already are trying to capitalize on the fleeting nature of the Target’s Missoni collection. As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 1,591 listings for Missoni for Target on that were selling for more than double the price found at the discounter. Travel totes were going for $169, while shoes were selling for $129.99.”

In a word – WOW. I wonder what we could do if we all wanted to end world hunger as much as we want Missoni for Target!

If for some reason, like maybe you are Sleeping Beauty, you haven’t yet seen the pics of the Missoni for Target Collection, you can view it all here.

A.M. Mayhem at Missoni for Target:

Got to the Midtown Target at a bit after 8 am and the shoppers were already busy loading carts and snapping up the women’s clothing, shoes and the housewares as fast as the stockers could set the merchandise.  In women’s shoes, the sales people were selling the most requested zig-zag flats and black suede pumps right off the dolly.  Girls’s clothing was  bit calmer, but housewares, bedding and decor were being downright raided.
I have to say, it looked like FUN.  Lots of shopping and scoring camraderie – ladies offering each other finds right out of their own cart.  The quality of the merchandise I could get my hands on looked pretty good.  Not remotely real Missoni-level knits, but that isn’t really the point to these collabs.  I do think it is an item-by-item deal though, and that you will want to assess the quality, fabric and construction in person before you buy.  The melamine housewares are a shoe-in.  Adorable.  The little girls clothing looked quite nice for the price – if you’re a smaller size this will be the way to go.  And that’s about all I could get close to without knocking someone else down.

Oh, and yes, that is local stylist and SLOAN buyer Linda Martinez stocking up on Missoni for Target buys for herself and for her clients.  As if the line needed any more fashion cred.


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